What is going on with this print?

This is printed using Polymaker ASA on a wham bam
PEI sheet. The rest of the print is fine, but the layers at the top of the bottom chamfer is all weird.

This was printed using the strong setting with +10 C bed temp (as recommended by wham bam). I’ve tried it at the default temp (thinking elephant foot), but same thing.

I’m reprinting at a much slower speed using all of the Polymaker recommended settings and it looks like it’s doing the same thing.

I’ve printed this model (which I made in fusion) in ola just fine.



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I’m printing AMS Hydra with that exact filament right now and haven’t noticed that problem. That isn’t helpful so instead maybe a recommendation to follow the calibration steps,
during the first step, Flow Rate test, if you see the same problem then that will help in troubleshooting the problem…and it will allow you to calibrate for that filament too.

Hi Folks, Sorry to jump in on your thread, but I can’t figure out how to start a new thread/post. I’m having issues with my printer that I’d love to get some advice on. I’m getting big blobs that fail the print. Have tried cleaning the nozzle and print plate as well as recalibrating the machine several times. Using generic PLA, 220 degrees nozzle temp. I have a second machine sitting right next to it that’s running fine. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Nuts. Can’t seem to upload picture. Help!

One of my favourite and most used filaments. If I want a high aesthetic print, I reduce the outer wall and top surface speed from the generic profile. I never needed to change other settings.

In your case, dry the filament, recalibrate the printer, and perform maintenance if the issue persists.


I ran the Orca Slicer calibrations and while it caused me to tweak settings the tiniest amount the print after was still pretty crappy. So I decided to combine that with the fan settings from the Bambu Labs ABS filament and it now prints pretty perfectly. Which according to Polymaker the fan(s) should be turned off - so that was an unexpected fix.


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Honestly, contact support.

Good to know that your problem is solved.
After reading my comment, I noticed I didn’t provide enough details. Sorry.
I do not use the Polymaker recommended settings. I rely on the default Generic ASA profile, which works flawlessly, and yes, it uses fans. I think the typical ASA print without fans on the X1C implies a significant print speed reduction, as the layer time needs to be higher to solidify the filament correctly. This is how I interpret the reasoning.
Since I rely many times on this filament, I did a proper calibration. Yet, the calibrated values were only marginally different, and I did not notice any significant differences in print quality.

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