What is this bambu studio error?

2023-12-07 03_42_02-PLA Magnet(3)(2)

1.8 is in Public Beta currently.


hmm but i am on 1.7.7 when i uploaded this file. Have not touched any beta. Its my file that i made on 1.7.7 and i open it again on the same studio and pop up this error.

Not sure how that happens. Did you “upload” your file to the printer or Makerworld?


I’ve seen this a few times when opening a downloaded 3mf file.

Could this .3mf be made in orcaslicer? Orca is on 1.8.1

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This 3mf is created by beta Studio.

You may also slice with v1.7 studio and print this model.
We will refine this dialog to remove the key list to avoid users considering it as an error.

My guess is your upload is being checked/modified by the MW server and is updated to the beta version there.


i dont use the beta i am on 1.7.7

I mean the 3mf file was created by a beta version (bambu studio v1.8 beta only released on github). There are some new parameters added in v1.8.

So, if you open this 3mf file in Bambu Studio v1.7, it will tell you that the newly added parameters are not recognized. It is not a error, you may ignore this and continue slicing and printing. The only side effect is that the generated G-code may not contains the slicing optimization introduced in Bambu Studio v1.8.

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It is my understanding that the uploaded .3mf is cloud-sliced by the latest beta version. When you download and open that version in an earlier version of Studio, you get the message.

Thanks for the detailed description. What @LaterRon guessed is right.
We recently updated the cloud slicing engine to v1.8 (which will be offcially released soon). After you upload the 3mf to MakerWorld, it is sliced (verify there is no slicing error) and repacked by v1.8 version.

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