What's the point? [Membership rant]

Yes literally go to the membership link, then i see where is says “8/8 remaining” then click the “Shop Filaments” then fill it with 8 of whatever they have in stock then click checkout and the prices are still regular price and when adding to my cart it even says the membership price in red

***** It appears to be fixed as of now ****

@jpineo92 This complaint is about the BL filament club membership. They don’t have a Polymaker filament club membership or a Prusament filament club membership. They have a BL filament club membership and a membership you can’t use isn’t really a membership worth having.

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Nova Scotia, qhere I watch for 2-3 weeks fedex ground go from province to province, staying in each for days at a time before it makes it to Halifax, an hour away, where its then handed to Canada post, requiring a trip to the post office, after 3-5 days to get it transferred that 1 hpur trip from fedex, to Canada Post, to my local office. Its the cheapest form of ahipping possible and my new distributor, elegoo, gets it here from the US in less than a week. Bambu finally responded to the ticket saying we gor word Beigw will be back in stock the 23rd! The 23rd came and went and it never came in stock, trust me, I was looking. Thats when I told them Ill bever buy a roll of Bambu filament again, thwt consistent 8 rolls a month and a printer in april when my membership ran out, is gone. My loyalty, is gone. The point to this entire conversation is that there is no point to the membership and no incentive to keep it. So their new business plan, can pound dirt. I’ll spend thousands elsewhere even if Bambu was a better option at any point in the future. Because after I said so what do you offer people that cant buy filament for 6 to 8 qeeks at a time using your membership because literally NOTHING is in stock. We don’t offer any benefit to customers suffering from shortages and will not be offering any kind if future compensation. No extensions, no f***s given, no loyalty. This company is just another chinese bot company with a better toy than the rest. When creality or another chinese bot catches up ill switch to them untill they eventually do the same chinese thing. If Prusa would actually be a competitor I would take my business to them in a heartbest, higher price is worth the loyalty they would garner. The ccp and their goons dont care about anything besides the ‘great rejuvenation of China by 2055’ look into it if you’re wondering whats happening with the 1/4 if the earths population that’s colonizing countries in 2023 like its 1823.