X1 Firmware Jailbroken - A crossroads for Bambu Lab

Having the law on my side and being able to rely on it are two things. I guess no lawyer will suggest to start a law case for hardware value of Euro 1300 ?

Exactly. These replacements (like print bed / 230 Volt system) are even forbidden for people without known proven education (electrician) in my country (Germany). I certainly know that many people don’t care, but good sellers do explicility state that any action like that should only be done by someome with proven knowledge (electrician).

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We will give customers the choice to install third party firmware and root system at their own risk.

A dedicated webpage will be set up for customers to sign a waiver of warranty and safety responsibility. Once signed, firmware R will become available to be installed on the printer, enabling third-party firmware installation even if you are already on V1.7.1.0.

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What about the users on 1.6.5-1.6.8? No need to waive rights for the download firmware R as the X1 plus firmware will run under 1.7. But the team can change that and make me sign the waiver even though I don’t need firmware R. I hope the team doesn’t do that as I won’t use their cfw. As trust has been broken.

There’s no need to worry about this. In 1.8, 1.9, and 7.0, there will be exploitable security vulnerabilities. This is unavoidable. And since Linux is running on it, these will be exposed.

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Unavoidable you say? :confused:Well, our friends at the NSA may hold a different view.

When it comes to signal and cyber security, can one point to a higher level of expertise on the topic? They may have peer organizations around the world but certainly not superior.

SELinux is indeed a great help, but let’s not forget that it needs to be configured properly. Additionally, there are many other services running on the board, such as FTP and HTTP services, as well as other background services that can run as root. Not to mention that there is also physical access to the board.

If a particular software, like vsFTPd, is vulnerable and an attacker exploits this vulnerability, SELinux may not necessarily prevent the successful execution of the attack. SELinux primarily focuses on strict control of access rights and access to system resources. If an attacker can bypass the security mechanisms of the software or directly exploit the vulnerability, SELinux may not be able to prevent the outcome of the attack.

Best practice is to use SELinux in conjunction with other security layers, such as firewalls, regular software updates, proper configuration, and other security practices. While SELinux can strengthen the system, it’s important to implement additional measures for overall security, especially in the case of vulnerable software.

Furthermore, the configuration and settings of SELinux also play a role. If SELinux is configured too strictly, legitimate applications may encounter issues or fail to function correctly. Finding the right balance between security and functionality is crucial. Just as an overly permissive configuration may not fulfill its purpose, a well-balanced setup is essential.

This is good to hear. Thanks for the information

I’m not necessarily against Bambu taking the Apple-approach, however X1Plus has shown some absolute must-have features such as a visual representation of the bed leveling data which I’d love to see in the official firmware.

The current firmware of the printer is quite basic, offering little to no information for the more technical users. Which is something that X1Plus really improves on. It’s just a shame that people will have to waive their warranty to get access to it (and I actually wonder how, if at all, that would play out in the EU).

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So how is it going? Someone heard about it in the last days?

While there is a comparison to Apple, the market and, thus 3rd, party interest dimensions are not comparable. Even if the EU intervenes, BL may continue following Apple’s approach, which may be out of Joshua’s interest.

What do you mean?
The X1 Plus is on. You can follow it at: GitHub - X1Plus/X1Plus: Custom firmware for Bambu Lab X1 and X1 Carbon 3D printers

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Cool in concept, however I would recommend against it. After watching the video, it looks like there are a lot of pluses, but one of the big minuses seems to be that you can break your machine. Considering my warranty period is over, I will not take that risk.