Z-homing error with Glass Bed; Things bed is lower than it is

I’ve installed a goodplate glass bed and am using the textured PEI sheet.

If I leave the printer idle for about 6 hours or if I shut it off, the next print invariably throws a Z axis homing error during the pre-print setup.

Watching the printer do the preprint setup reveals that it’s driving the bed up, attempting to reach a stop, but now hitting the nozzle since there is an extra 3mm of height from the glass bed. This puts force on the nozzle and causes it to lower the bed then try again. The bed does the “jiggle” up and down to try and measure distance, but will always end up failing.

Now, if I run the ‘bed leveling calibration’ right before I submit a print, it correctly sets the z axis home and will print fine after the calibration. I’d really love to get the goodplate working smoothly as the prints are dead flat and adhesion is great…but I’ve had so many issues it might be worth going back to the warped buildplate…

Anyone have any ideas on how to avoid this z homing error? It’s like it forgets the z axis calibration and is trying to do it again. Can i print a small piece that contacts the z-home stop (wherever that is?)?

Would love help!

Also to clarify: This is not the force sensor problem. I already solved that one and trammed the bed. I do have extensions installed for the PEI sheet guides in the back if that makes a difference.

I have been having success with this build plate.

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