Z Homing issue with PCTG

Hi there,

I have a problem with my P1S.
First of all, everything works fine with PLA. No problems there.

But if I wanna print with PCTG, the printer cant home. It allways says, that the heatet bed is misaligned or warped. And it can’t home. I don’t know what to do.

The Buildplate is perfect and, like I was saying, with PLA no problem.

The Bed is on 95°C for the PCTG.

Can someone help me? :smiley:

Manually Heat the bed to the 95C without the buildplate installed and then check if you visually see deformation / bubbles on the surface of the magnetic sheet.

nope, “sadly” it’s flat. no bubbles or anything else.

In that case there is a chance that the bed is warping at these temperatures. Might be best to contact Bambu Support on that one.

I will! thanks! I hope, that they can help me :smiley:

They might ask you to run some tests and send the resulting Log files so that they can evaluate the bed mapping.

Yeah, I found the problem. The bed was to far back. At 45°C everything was fine, but at 95°C it expanded just a bit to much. Now I tried it like 4 times, and it works.
Thanks for the support hint! I come from a CR10, so I never had real support for my printer :smiley:

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