2 of the AMS LEDs stopped working

The LEDs on the left 2 slots still work normally, but at some point a couple of days ago, the right 2 slots have no LEDs any more - the AMS still works fine, it detects new spools in all 4 slots, prints from all 4 slots, etc but the LEDs no longer light up for 2 of them.

I’ve only had the printer about a month, and it’s been plugged into a surge protected powerboard since day 1. There’s nothing else that I can think would have caused this, it just randomly happened.

Has anyone else seen this happen before? Is this a sign that I can expect the AMS to die completely in the near future? Is it fixable?

Just happened to mine. I have 2 AMS units. The newer unit is the one displaying the exact same thing. The 2 leds on the right side are no longer working. The unit is functioning normally just no lights.

If this was me, i would disassemble the AMS and check all the connectors on the main board.


I have done this and everything is connected correctly. I kinda figured it would be considering everything is working except the led. So my next move is to replace one of the First Stage with a backup that i already have. If the light works when i switch them out then most likely its a dead led. If the light does not work then there is an issue with wiring or board.

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Same, the connections are fine.

I just lost another one (leftmost) overnight - it was working when I swapped that spool out for a small print in the evening, but I didn’t pay attention to the LED when taking the print out, and it’s gone this morning. If the LEDs have died with only a month of use, they likely got a bad batch of parts, and this would be much more widespread.

Some observations: this only began after the most recent firmware update (why that would affect the LEDs I don’t know, it certainly wasn’t in the patch notes). It also followed using the external spool in both instances, at least for me.

So I replaced one of the First Stage that I purchased as an extra part a year ago when I bought the printer. The light on the spare is working fine. The only other thing I have changed was putting a filament guide that clips to the back. So maybe it caught the led when installing? But either way it’s definitely the led in my case. The simple and cheap fix is the AMS Funnel Feed which is only $7.99 because it does include the led. cheaper than buying the whole first stage for 35

Which filament guide did you use?

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This one. I do love it though because the way it clips in. But if you are not careful the clip could bump the led which is held on by 3 little pieces of solder. Im not even certain if thats what did it but its my best guess.

Yeah it looks like a nice mod.
I use these.
Just a simple design. It also takes a ptfe tube but i dont use that. I only print ABS so it really does not wear much if any at all. They have been in service for a year.

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Looks like we’ve found the culprit then - I installed similar ones a few weeks ago and they’ve been fine until recently, but I guess the pull of filament on the feed saver over time has had an ongoing effect. If it’s just cracked the solder, it should be repairable at least, but also cheap to replace for those not keen on soldering.

I am having the same problem. I printed the AMS Saver 3.0 mod and ruined my AMS feeder, all 4 leds are loose. Yesterday i ordered 4 new AMS Feeding Funnel, it costed 42 €.

I had another reason to remove my AMS and figured while it was off, I might as well try to fix the LEDs. TL;DR - I fixed them all just by pressing on the LEDs!

A toothpick would probably work, but I used a slightly wider option (a piece of plastic from a failed print) and simply pressed it against the side of the LED, until it was flat again. You don’t actually need to remove your AMS to do it, but getting access will be easier if you do. The LEDs are typically just ‘leaning’ a bit with the top needing to be pushed back towards the AMS feeder.

Hopefully this helps someone.

Just picked up my X1C Combo today. After powering up the printer and letting it do its calibration thing, I noticed the “chasing” sequence of the AMS LEDs but only 1-3 are working. I’m assuming #4 is supposed to light up after #3 during this sequence as well?

Brand new out of the box, haven’t even loaded a spool of filament yet. Assuming slot 4 feeds okay it’s a minor nitpick, but for ~$1500 I’d expect it to work 100% at first power on. :roll_eyes: I drove about 1.5 hrs to the nearest Microcenter. I don’t really want to drive back if something doesn’t work.

Otherwise I’m impressed with the construction of the printer. It’s like the Apple of 3D printers. I cut my teeth on a Creality Ender 3 (the OG 2018 version) which still works well but took a helluva lot of DIY, TLC, and mods to get it where it is today. About the only thing left from the original are the extrusions and aluminum bed. New mainboard, ABL, DD, dual-Z upgrade, OctoPi, lots of printed mods, etc. And I don’t regret it at all because it taught me a ton about 3D printing. But I was ready to graduate to a higher end “just works out of box” model and had been drooling over a Bambu. Was going to settle for a P1S Combo but got to Microcenter and couldn’t help myself.