2 Questions about basic set up

First, I will not go on about the Local UPS services other than to say I had to threaten legal suit to get them to deliver to my door. Now to the more rewarding part; Setup was fairly straight forward until I noticed there was this nozzle wiper with an adhesive back. Searching the minuscule text in the “set up pamphlet”, I could not find where it was supposed to go. Nor could I see an obvious place to stick it. [no comments please.] the second item is that the extra’s I ordered [.2,.6,.8 harden steel nozzles and a Cool plate] came un labeled inside 2 layers of external boxes. The Cool plate comes with 2clear plastic coverings, I am to assume that they need to be removed before they melt and mess up a good thing.[A1 MINI of course.] :thinking: :wink:

  1. The nozzle wiper is a spare and can be used the replace the one at the back of the printer when it wears out. Put it in your parts bin until required.
  2. I have not yet received my cool plate, but I would assume, also, that you are to remove the protective coverings.

Thanks. Where exactly on the back of the printer?

Never mind, found it, on the back left of the building plate.

That’s it. Yup. :slight_smile:

Have a great holiday.