2nd AMS Purchase

Im planning on getting a 2nd AMS for my P1S. The first will be on top of the riser on my printer and 2nd will be sitting beside the printer. Besides the hub is there anything else I need to purchase? Like longer cable etc.

Thank you in advance.

for my X1C the hub was all I needed to add a second AMS. I think it is the same with the P1S.

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I won’t discourage you from purchasing the AMS Hub but I will state that it’s possible to connect multiple AMS’s without it. The AMS Hub is obviously streamlined to make it EZ but if say it wasn’t available or didn’t have time to wait you only need a 2 - 1 adapter that’ll feed into where your 1 currently is.

many people did this when it was out of stock for quite awhile

Appreciate the information, any insight into whether or not I’ll need a longer cable and which cable I’d need. This is my setup at the moment.

The 2nd ams would go on the right of the printer.

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When i bought the four in one hub, it came with enough ptfe and data cables for four AMSs. That it self has paid off for me. I had a data cable go bad on me since then and have used part of the ptfe they sent because i bent the original ptfe to the crimp stage. Spare parts, it was worth getting even if you dont use the hub.


The Hub comes with a longer cable however in case the hub is out of stock and you use a printable Y-splitter instead then the shorter cable, that is included with the new AMS, will also work since you just need to daisy chain the cable to the existing AMS.