30 character title limit?

When I post, I get a message saying there is a 30 character limit on the title, however I see other posts with MUCH longer titles. anyone know what’s going on?

Also, every time I post a new topic, I get a 404 error popup.

Yes, the 30-character limit is set up, to make the information clearer.

The title serves a purpose, then the content of the thread serves another. So please share the information in a message, instead of creating a long title. It’s easier to follow.

Messages can also be edited, so the content is clearer if you contain all the information in a single message.


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I guess my question is how are other users entering titles that are clearly longer than 30?

They did it before the limit was set to 30 characters :slight_smile:
But I changed it to 45 characters, so it’s not too short

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Oh, i see. that’s funny

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I might suggest doubling that limit. 30 characters doesn’t seem enough to put in a unique title that is searchable.

At least you can Post new things, I find I am unable to as yet…

It was already increased to 45 which is a reasonable amount.
Please also try to edit the previous message if you want to add a new comment. double-posting doesn’t make it very easy to follow the discussion.

I think it is 70 characters now, at least in the browser.

To Bambu Lab, instead of causing an error when the title is too long, which makes me then click to dismiss the error and then adjust the title to make it shorter:

  • preferred - why not just prevent typing at the max limit with a warning that displays like a tooltip and doesn’t require action to dismiss it? This would be more helpful.
  • a small improvement - notify about the error when focus leaves the title

It is always better to prevent errors instead of reporting them after the fact.

At least the error doesn’t delete all the text that I already wrote in the title.