3D Print Fail with fuzzy weak print

Hi all.

Woke up this morning to a half baked print. Seems like the filament isn’t coming out all the way and the sparsh infill is all fuzzy and weak. Does this mean my nozzle is clogged?

It looks like you have a parial clog. maybe try cleaning or switching the nozzle.

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I would change infill, try gyroid.

Thanks dckissell. The clog was the issue I believe.

Hey mltriebe, thanks for the advice. I think the nozzle was just clogged… Also I been using this type of infill for a while now for many prints and it turned out fine. What’s the benefit for using gyroid if I can ask?

Grid infill can collide as it crosses the intersections, creating a variety of issues. One, I had looked kinda like what you pictured. Gyroid is a 3-dimensional infill that offsets the layers a little bit, and there are no intersections. Then there is the whole, which is stronger, but I am not going into that discussion.

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Welp, spoke too soon. After 2 decent prints, the problem has happened again! I hope this isn’t a recurring issue…

Did you try a different infill pattern?

I did but it was the cold pulls. I did 5 this time and it seems to have cleaned the clog completely.

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