3mf import as multiple files changes origins

When importing different parts of a model in separate 3mf files, their individual position changes. This does not happen for stl files. See images below:

I saw the same issue when opening a former project in Bambu Slicer. It was quite disappointing cause I had to use the ‘cut’ function to get different printing settings dialed in into different heights.

Since I update the Slicer to the latest version up to now I didn’t recognize the same problem. Hopefully, they fixed it, but I’m not sure.

I’m running the latest version .So it seems they didn’t. I also tried the latest Pruca slicer, which positioned the parts differently but still displaced.

Thats a pitty and makes the whole idea of saving projects a bit unproductive :-/

I just realize that I might have left room for confusion:
I created the 3mf files with Fusion 360.