3rd Party Filament database

Hi there!

I’m new to Bambu Labs (i have a lowly Ender 3 Pro with Klipper on it) and im currently helping my mate setup his X1C and get profiles tuned ETC for printing… and whilst its going pretty well so far it is tedious and would love somewhere for people to Share filament Profiles.

As a developer im wondering if it would be beneficial to the global community to have an application online where you can select a manufacture and have listed filament profiles from users with Descriptions and photos. There would be no cost to this at all just an Open area for people to share.

I love the fact that Bambu has its filaments pretty much tuned from the manufacturer and you can run a print straight away without tweaking… but some people like myself have favourite brands. For example I love to print with Sunlu PLA+ as I have the settings dialled in for my printer. but when I donated a roll to my friend I had to run all sorts of calibrations to get it right.

Just a though and if anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know.


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Just forget the pre-tuned parameters from Bambu. I use Bambu PETG with built-in settings, guess what, it doesn’t extrude! I had to raise the temperature to 260 bare minimum (against default 250/255 can’t remeber) to get it flow. For good printing, 265-270 is required. New spool, sealed no leak.

The idea is people can have a “one stop shop” for profiles… i get they wont be perfect and there will be discrepancies but a good starting point from tried and tested users i though would be a good idea.

I like your Idea. Maybe you could create the site with your profiles and set up different sections for the most common printers.

There is a thread here somewhere, just do a search. Someone started a filament database on Github.