4 -To- 1 PTFE Module Released!

Hey Makers!

Quickly wanted to say Thank You for being here and a part of the community. There’s many of us here with popular designs and some that haven’t gained that attention yet but deserve it, you know who you are :wink:

With that we wanted to announce to gain some more movement about our release of a “4 -to- 1 PTFE Module” unlike many on the platform. We’ve taken extensive time in design and consideration to achieve a near stress free model to provide as a temporary replacement to the near always (US) “Out of Stock” Official Bambu Labs 4 -in- 1 PTFE Adapter.

We knew revisions would be subsequent with this design so were naming it by “Rev 1.x” our latest current release is (Rev 1.4)

Here’s the LINK

We’ve taken a good amount of feedback and implemented that within our revision since rev 1.1 which has vastly improved our model and we are extremely thankful for those individuals.

We hope this helps makers in a wide range of setups but we want to remind everyone it wasn’t tailored as a full replacement to the official bambu labs adapter using an AMS. Although it’ll work and we know it does, we can’t guarantee you won’t encounter feeding issues. Everyone’s setups will vary and the variables are simply to extensive for us to make it work for everyone.

We love modeling useful prints and have been drawing our print for the next release of a product. We have some fun stuff along with our printer accessories but unless it’s for a contest you can expect us to mainly be known for useful printer accessories tailored to improving user experiences.

We hope you take the time to leave a comment and/or check it out!

Again we thank you and bambu labs for growing a strong, smart and collaborative community known as MakerWorld!

Happy Printing!