5 Point History Reviews in 24 hours?

I attempted to redeem this week’s points and encountered the familiar message, “We need to review your point history…” While such a review wouldn’t typically concern me, this marks the third request for review within just 18 hours. The previous two reviews (04:23, 11:01) concluded successfully, and today’s point tally was, frankly, quite unremarkable. Is anyone else experiencing reviews this frequently?

Considering the recent, somewhat mysterious alterations to the points rewards program, coupled with the frequency of these point history reviews today, I can’t help but feel a looming sense of unease.

I’m actually experiencing the opposite. A point history review had been occurring every five days for me but the last one, done yesterday, was my first review in nine days.

I’ve had a huge uptick in them:

I generally redeem my points for a gift card as soon as I have enough, but lately I’m running into the “need to review your point history” again within a few hours of review.

Same for me, I received another 3 reviews this night but that was probably a system error given the identical timestamp.

This must be some kind of poor joke. Since Saturday, I’ve had 5 consecutive point history reviews, all of which were successful. And just when I attempted to redeem my points, I discovered yet another point history review is underway. Can you give me brake so I can redeem my points? @BambuLab

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