A bit disappointed about Landmark Contest

I am the author of the Sanxingdui Golden Mask.

  1. The understanding of the word “landmark” depends on whether it is in a broad or narrow sense. Please look at the dictionary:

If you think a landmark must be a geographical landmark, that’s just your understanding and I don’t want to argue with you.

  1. Please show due respect to cultures you do not understand.

Regarding your model of Villa La Rotonda, I googled it, then I found out about Andrea Palladio, and I understood the greatness of this villa: precise proportions, symmetrical design, and beautiful murals inside. This is a good learning process for me, and I hope to be able to visit it in person during my lifetime.

But, you said, “a Chinese mask - it is a mask” - Please look carefully,There was even a !!!Japanese!!! mask emoji placed after the sentence.

So, tell me how you feel - if I said that the model you put so much effort into making was “just an Italian house - it is a house!” :house_with_garden:


@aoaobear first of all it was not my intention to offend or diminish the value of the model you created. It is a very nice model, and as I wrote, you made an extremely accurate and nice job in the description.

I apologize if using the emoticons I used a japanese mask: I saw that, but unfortunately I do not have any chinese mask in my emoticons set. If you have it I will be glad to add it. (And just to be very clear, I am not sarcastic - I’m just trying to be as much friendly as I can and trying to show that I actually looked for a chinese mask!). Note: I actually just tried to remove the mask emoticons from the post as a sign of respect but I just discovered that I can edit the replies but I cannot edit the first post - or at least I do not know how to do that.

However: while I see that you used one of the definitions of “landmark”, I have to say that context is vital to get the correct definition of a word. And in my opinion the only definition of landmark that could be used for this context id definition #1 (the context is the picture promoting the contest, showing “landmarks”). I understand your viewpoint and I can see how a Chinese mask can be the symbol of a landmark (definition #3). Still for me it cannot be considered a landmark in itself (definition #1). It is just my opinion, I do not want to argue too.

I am glad you leraned something checking my model. After all I’ve learned something about your culture too when I read about the archeological site! In conclusion we could say that starting from a “disagreement” we both found something to learn.

Okay, I understand what you mean. Many times, communication between different countries and cultures can easily lead to misunderstandings or offenses.

It should be noted that this mask does not represent China, so it cannot be called a Chinese mask (no Chinese children will wear this mask to play on the street, and children prefer Ultraman masks). This mask is a cultural relic unearthed from Sanxingdui, a physical symbol of the ancient Shu civilization. If we were to draw an analogy, it might be something like the mysterious stone statues on Easter Island - the moai.


People need to stop being so strict with the rules like this is some high stakes contest where our lives are on the line. They’re meant to generate content and community engagement. I’m pretty sure there’s room for interpretation by design. A lot of what Makerworld does is try and open things up to everyone that wants to participates. To me, it’s apparent that they try and be careful about just cutting people out.

Regardless, you’re being judged by other people you don’t know, from different cultures, and backgrounds, and histories, and lives, all that sway how they feel about something, and there’s a good chance what sways them wont be the same that sways you.

I mean, another thing like, English isn’t even the first language of a number of people involved, so why we’re sitting here over-analyzing the use of the meaning of English words, it’s pointless in my opinion. We aren’t trying to interpret law documents in some case that has ramifications for the lives of millions of people.

The contest can provide some inspiring jumping off points, but to get so emotionally invested. It’s a recipe for hurt feelings. We’ve seen it before with people complaining about the winners and complaining about the entries because they feel like not all the entries follow the rules the way they want them to be.

And of course it’s inevitable that someone inadvertently insults another designer that put a lot of work and thought into their design as it relates to the contest because the original person feels slighted that they didn’t win, and needs to puff their chest.


While I agree that I don’t believe the winners all met the criteria, and that the rule should be clearer, I’d like to propose this conversation move towards something more positive.

I didn’t win for either the Landmarks contest, nor the Kit Card contest, and I felt my models were good. Obviously not good enough, but good.

I’d love feedback on what I could have done to make my models better, or make them more appealing. Getting positive criticism on the models will only help each of us to improve our craft, and help the community to grow.

Here are my two models, I’d love feedback on them.
Landarks Contest - Griffith Park Observatory
Kit Card Contest - Wasp Kit Card

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I like that you have a lot of photos showing the models off from different aspects, but I would say you could use a more catchy/clearer first photo. The Zelda map is a good example, as it’s pretty clear with the whole model in focus. The second place winner, the Temple of Heaven, it isn’t as well shot of a photo, but it is clear in that it shows the whole model, and there aren’t background elements distracting.

Same with the wasp. I think you would probably benefit from some sort of photo backdrop or white background setup that you can plop your model down onto. There’s a lot more going on with that model than one might realize at first blush.

People might find faults elsewhere, but I think the models are neat and I think a kick up in presentation could take them further.

To expand on presentation and add a few thoughts.

Here’s two shots I have from my own designs. The first shot of the larger crate, it just isn’t as good or have the same impact as the mini crate. The tones are too similar, so the model itself kind of blends in and the whole image becomes mushy. There isn’t as clear of a focus. The other elements within the photo aren’t doing a great job telling the story.

On the mini crate, it’s a lot more focused. Your eyes know where to go, and the elements within the photo tell much more of a story. We can see it sitting on the mini, and it’s bigger than the mini’s plate, but we’re gonna be printing it on that?!

To me, presentation is just as important as the model itself. Poor presentation can let a good model down, but amazing presentation can trick someone into downloading a garbage model. I think with contest it becomes even more important. People are scrolling through all these similar themed objects, and you want yours to punch out from the rest.

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Awesome feedback! Thank you!!! I’ll start photographing on a white background and getting the whole model in there.

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People make printable photo light boxes too that are worth checking out. Like this one!

I always try and setup little scenes and stuff, but it can be more difficult with hit or miss results (as evidenced by my above example) A light box, be it printed or something bought, is kind of an easy start mode for this kind of stuff.


Thank you! And this is why I love when a community focuses on helping one another. It’s the inverse reason of why I avoid Facebook and Nextdoor, both of which have seemed to turn into 24/7 gripes with no solutions or positive suggestions.

I’ll probably start printing a backdrop today, and that one looks nice.


Hoping back on to say I love your crate model, and it’s on my list of ones to print. I know my oldest son would love it.

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Aw shucks, now I’m blushing. I appreciate that. One of the models I’m most proud of. It’s a big model, so best wishes for a smooth print!

yes i can agree with that, in case of doubt really buy a small foldable photo box where led is included, because you can always preset things better with it. otherwise set free with photoshop and set the scene on the background of your choice.
one more thing about the wasp… that’s 6 printing plates. i’m of the opinion that 1 kitcard = 1 plate. that’s not a reproach, but you asked yourself why it wasn’t so well received. i wouldn’t have downloaded it for exactly that reason. just think about it and let it sink in…

Great feedback. I should have included a single plate for people that wanted to print in a single color, or even one that included multiple colors (and tons of color swaps), on a single plate.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the plug! I made the Lightbox for exactly that purpose. enjoy!

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