A bit disappointed about Landmark Contest

Hello to everyone! The Landmark Contest was a great idea and there were a lot of great inspiring models. However I have to say that I am a bit disappointed about the results. The winner probably deserve the 1st place: great model (literally! :smiley:).

2nd place might be ok: for my taste it is not so good, but definitely something that could receive an award. The 3rd place, well, no way for me it can be 3rd: there are so many better models!

And the same is true for about half of the Excellent Awards models. There is even a basic “rule violation”: the Chinese mask is not a landmark - it is a mask! :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:

And some models are not original at all - I know it is a matter of taste, but there were many better models deserving a mention.

My model took hours for both modeling and description + instrucions. At least I hope to see it featured - it would pay the effort. :innocent: Bookend - Villa La Rotonda (Palladio) by VariatoM - MakerWorld)

So, 1) What do you think about the results of the contest?
And 2) Just as a curiosity, do you think my model was better of at least one of the 12 Excellent Awarded models?

Thanks for reading my 1st topic ever, and looking forward to read your answers. :slightly_smiling_face:


I largely concur with your evaluation. The challenge with your submission is that it targets a niche audience, limiting its widespread appeal. Introducing a multicolor version might have broadened its attractiveness, yet it seems it still lacks that distinct ‘wow’ factor to truly stand out.

The contest embraced not just landmarks but models inspired by them, a deliberately broad criterion meant to encourage a wide range of creative submissions. These competitions prioritize the originality and creativity of the idea over technical modeling prowess. Ideally, your entry should be both imaginative and skillfully executed.


I thought Zelda A Link To The Past Map by Fletch - MakerWorld should have won, but that’s probably because I have fond memories of A Link To The Past.

EDIT: Also, I love that you own a copy of The 3D Printing Handbook

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I think the mask falls into the “inspired” wording of the competition. While it may have been a push of the guidelines I think it fits into the contest.

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The last time I saw a thread like this was in the Year of the Dragon contest.
Some people wondered why the selected models won the awards.
I think my model is very good and I have put a lot of effort into it, but why didn’t it win the prize?
But contests are subjective.
You think you’ve done a good job and described it in detail, but others don’t.

No offense, if your work is in color like your description, it will be more attractive than monochrome.

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The mask? If you define landmarks as things that can be seen from afar, it definitely doesn’t fall into that category.
You have “Tower of Pizza Game” in the contest. Well, it’s already clear that it doesn’t belong in the contest, it’s a game and therefore falls under Games, certainly not Landmarks. Moreover, it doesn’t even depict any landmark.
We have some gears toy in the Floral Spring Contest, seems to be a fidget toy.

Likewise these wildly creative ideas for the lamps. A model that already exists, I say for example I have created a flower. I entered this flower in the Floral Spring Contest. In the Lamp Contest, I just make a mini change by adding 3 holders that hold an LED and then I put it back in the Lamp Contest.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s any fun that way! I realise that’s why I don’t even look at the contests any more. I used to look at the models at the beginning.

Best regards!

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From what I’ve seen @VariatoM it’s all a matter of what’s gaining downloads and likes sadly… Looking at your model I mean that’s immaculate and truly talented work. It blows my mind when I see something relatively simple to model win or have thousands of downloads. But that’s what the trend has become.

I noticed someone added “Bunny Ears” to a Benchy… Boom thousand downloads… don’t let it bear down on your hard work though. As the title states it’s a “Contest” and maybe in the beginning it wasn’t so much prone to non intricate models, but ever since the bat mobile IMO they’ve been pretty ehh and I’m not trying to down play those designers talents either. It’s just I still dont grasp how all these designers pump out their entrys and gain that main downloads so fast… They really need to stick with 1 contest a month in my honest opinion so we actually get a nice list of entries with talented designs versus people pumping out subpar work. Maybe atleast start the month with 3 contest at once so its all done at the same time versus staggering them.

Either way Great work and you definitely deserve praise, it’s also something I wouldn’t have needed or wanted to print but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great piece of work. Sell that .stl man


You seem to miss the connection.

The contest is “landmark inspired”

The model is called “Leanin’ Tower of Pizza” which is very obviously meant to be the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. So it does fit the contest.


Schön, Sie finden es ist “landmark” inspirirt? - Ich nicht.
Sie fragen sich warum? - Weil ich eine ausreichende Schöpfungstiefe nicht sehe. Schöpfungstiefe ist auch der Grund, warum Sie nicht alles schützen lassen können, nur weil Sie denken, Sie haben etwas erfunden.

Und genau deswegen verliere ich dann auch die Lust, mir einen “Contest” überhaupt noch anzusehen.

Freundliche Grüße

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Thank you :slight_smile: worked hard on BIG BEN :slight_smile:


I totally agree. I thought that multicolor would have improved the downloads, but as a designer I choose to keep the model white to give a more “conceptual” looking (and it is also easier to use it as a bookshelf - as this was the purpose of the model).

I might make a multicolor version in the future, just to check the feedback of the audience. Thanks for the answer and the suggestions.

I understand your viepoint. But to some degree I think that good memories should not influence the result. Otherwise the same should be true for the many “Harry Potter” models… :yum:

Well, then I can submit an X-WIng which is inspired by Tattoine. Don’t get me wrong: the mask has a great presentation, but that is an attempt to push the guidelines. In my opinion the “limit” was exceeded. I would not penalize the model nor the author, but neither award it. However I respect the final decision and your opinion too. Thanks for the answer.

I know your feeling. And to a large degree I agree with your viepoint. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the contest guidelines were very “open”, so from this viepoint I think that the Tower Pizza Game could fit the contest. I can even arrive to see that in this specific case what was awarded is the creativitness connected to the landmark. But then I cannot see how to award the phone stand: man, another one! I can turn my model too into a phone stand, as you will probably agree. What is sure for me is that the mask was not fitting the contest.

I agree that it could fit the competition. But Bambulab urgently needs to adapt and clarify the guidelines or criteria. Do you know the Burschendenkmal in Eisenach? Or other similar “landmarks”, like the Statue of Liberty? I could take any figure I’ve created, put it on a pedestal and could have entered because I was “inspired” by the Statue of Liberty or the Burschendenkmal.
But I don’t want to argue, that’s just my opinion.

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I’m not sure how one would think my Leanin’ Tower Of Pizza game wasn’t “Landmark Inspired” exactly as the contest states (and confirmed by an honorable mention by the actual contest creators.) When I started conceptualizing this, I started off making a game with pieces that looked like the actual tower in Pisa. But then I became bored with the idea and lost interest in finishing it. Then my weird brain came up with the tower of “pizza” idea as a play on words, and something more fun and silly for kids than architectural columns. It took a lot of prototype pizzas to get them just right and then eventually came up with the spinner integrated into the piece holder. I’ve spent hours and hours working on it and at least a couple rolls of filament. I am currently working on ditching the cardboard box and making a round holder/lid for the game that actually looks like a section of the famous tower for maximum theming. The $40 gift card is a small but appreciated prize, as creating the game was a true labor of love. ‘Grazie’ to those who get the connection to the famous landmark.


I had designed a pillbox with an innovative locking lid and it didn’t even get a participation award. Sadly it is what it is. I just gotta keep learning and hopefully someday will make something award worthy. :slightly_smiling_face:


well, i thought your thing was great… honestly better than mine :joy: a buddy had pulled it from you and my girlfriend had seen it, she wanted it right away. but because yours, like mine, was too small for all her vitamins and supplements and i don’t think much of scaling such things, i had quickly constructed the dins completely myself again to the required size. did you ever notice with your model that you can print it in petg, but it doesn’t flow as well as with pla? because many people also like to use petg for such things because it is food-safe. but then I found a good compromise for myself… everything made of petg except for the slider, which was in pla… then it went well… oh well, I designed a different holder where the things can be sorted…


First thank you for trying it out! Lol.

Second, an XL version is almost complete, many people I’ve talked to need something for supplements and vitamins like you mentioned so I’ll be happy to release that very soon. I really like the tower you made for the pill boxes btw.

Neat to see a forum member who actually tried out my design, even if you made your own version. Thank you again.

do you want the stl from the tower? then you can reconstruct it and make it fit your size. possibly with a third slot, for morning, noon and evening… two times were enough for my girlfriend…

Ah so noch ein tip, verunde anderes. nicht einfach eine rundung raufklatschen… mache erst eine fase beispiels weise 2mm, danach verundest du die kante der fase die nicht auf dem boden ist mit 7 mm… es lässt sich wesentlich entspannter drucken. :wink: