A G-code path goes beyond plate boundaries. "Jump to" doesn't work

H there,
strange problem: I got the message: A G-code path goes beyond plate boundaries. “Jump to” after slicing a buildplate. But the problem is, if I try to click on “Jump to”. It just doesn’t work. As the plate is quiet full (try to print the tank from Makerworld :smiley: ) I just don’t know how to solve the problem…?

Does anyone have an idea how to find out where the problem is?
greetings kuhni

I think I’ve had that happen because brims ended up crossing plate borders (which should be a bug, but then I think it’s intermittent). Did you try auto arrange with a spacing of 0.2 mm or so?

i can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed… the problem area needs to be highlighted, at the very least

My model takes a good 10 minutes to slice… i’ve been tweaking and slicing/praying for the last three hours