A very stuck filament cutter lever

Today my X1C decided to print in mid air without extruding any filament.

During my attempts to clean the extruder, I found my filament cutter to be extremely stuck.

Anybody got any idea how I might be able to fix this? :confused:

(Here is a video)

I couldn’t watch the video but you should be able to manually pull out the lever and the cutter with it. It’s likely stuck because the filament has pushed over rather than cutting.

you most likely have a clog in the extruder gears. The end of the filament fattens in the gears and cant move up or down and when the cutter cuts it gets wedged on the fattened filament. I’ve had this a few times and had to disassemble to remove. Pull the lever left manually until its in its normal position and try to unload the filament. If you are lucky it will unload and all will be well. If not you probably have a clog in the extruder and would want to look at the wiki on how to “change extruder gear” that will get you through all the disassembly/reassembly steps.

but if you look at the picture or the video, the lever is a little tilted and is blocked by the back housing.

will clog filament in the extruder gears tilt the lever?

The lever doesn’t move front-to-back, it moves left-to-right (or right-to-left). Grab it and pull it towards the left side of the machine and it should return to the “not cutting” position. There’s a little set screw you have to back out to get the lever to move far enough to actually expose the cutting blade. So it’ll stop once you’ve freed it up.

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Well, that’s the problem. I understand that the lever move left-to-right or right-to-left and the problem I am encountering is that the lever is tilted backward and is blocked by the back housing.

But in the picture you are showing, the lever is in the cutting position. Did you pull it back to get it to move to the not-cutting position and does it move easily when you do that?

Are you saying that it gets stuck every time?

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correct, it gets stuck every time.

here is a picture and video with the blade removed. in the video, you can see the lever is touching back of the toolhead housing assembly.

here is another video from all the different angles with the lever.

Ah. I see. The lever binds on the rear housing. Either the lever is warped/bent or there’s a shim/washer missing from the back side of the lever. Not sure I can theorize on how it would suddenly get that way, though.

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i am pretty speechless since the lever is set on a pretty sturdy rod, and the rod can only be bent with a significant amount of force… if you really want to bend it, you probably need to use a plier…


The problem is that this issue is new, the printer has been running fine and the lever hasn’t been binding. Based on my understanding of how the printhead moves, it would be impossible for the printer to bend or damage that arm. It just doesn’t do anything in a way that could “side load” that part. It can only push in.

You’re probably going to have to figure it out. If the arm is defective, I’d bet BBL wouldn’t have an issue sending you a replacement. But without understanding how the current one got busted, a replacement is unlikely to do much for you…

Did the arm develop a defect? Is the pivot rod bent? Is the rear printhead cover loose? What else could it be?

The rear printhead cover moving is about the only explanation I can think of that’d make any sense. Screws do loosen up, and parts that are screwed together can move under thermal stress (repeated heating/cooling). So that’s where I think I’d look. How does the rear cover attach (I’ve never actually looked for myself)? Can those attachment points be loosened so the cover can be shifted slightly to eliminate the interference with the lever?

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I have removed the front housing and I am almost certain that the pivot rod is bent.

I am curious about how it could have gotten bent. If you wiggle the cutting lever, you can feel that the pivot rod is very sturdy and will not bend unless a significant amount of force is applied.

There is no way that normal printing or me disassembling and attempting to clean the extruder could have caused it to bend.

Very interesting…

Lever pressed without front housing

Lever pressed with front housing


Has anyone experienced this happening, but after removing the clog (the filament did indeed fatten near the gears), you couldn’t feed into the feeder hole for the nozzle?

I’ve had the clog before and cleared it and all was well. This time, I can’t get it to feed at all. Gears are moving, they are grasping the filament, but it doesn’t seem to want to feed into the hole for the nozzle. I’ve swapped to my .2mm nozzle and the same issue is happening. I worry that during the glog or during the cleaning of the clog, the hole was damaged somehow, but I cannot determine if that is the case. I’d rather NOT buy a whole other extruder assembly, but I guess I might have to…

Make sure the hotend is actually heating up. You should be able to heat the nozzle and then manually request the filament to extrude using the touchscreen.

Great idea. I forgot to mention that it is indeed heating up. After taking it apart for the 3rd time and trying to run filament through just the extruder, I am finding that it is indeed getting stuck at the extruder’s hole, and while I can twist the filament while its in hand to eventually get it to go through, I can’t do that while it is fully assembled. I think something is just ever so slightly out of alignment, but I can’t seem to get it in place. After the ease of using this for so long, I am not going to attempt to twist this to make it work, so I bit the bullet and ordered a new extruder.

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Okay so how to fix this stupid error. Get a 5mm x 2mm magnet from amazon. remove cutter screw, place magnet on top of existing one (no glue just magnet to magnet) place cutter back. problem fixed.

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Can you give me more precise instruction? I got that error many times.

So how I fix the error when this kept popping up even though nothing was wrong with my P1S is if you look at the top inside of the cutter arm you will see a tiny little magnet. That magnet trip the sensor on the top of the infeed for the filament. Somehow my little magnet lost it’s magnetism on that cutting arm so I ordered a 5mm x 2mm magnet (amazon, aliexpress, etc) and simple just placed the new magnet to the old tiny one and the new magnet grabbed a hold of the tiny old one on the cutting arm.
No more error messages and my P1S is working perfectly.

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