A1 Combo versus Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo

Has anyone seen or heard of anyone actually owning the new Anycubic? At a $100 less than the A1 combo, and this has an AMS similar to the Bambu AMS instead of the AMS Lite. This is obviously an attack at the A1 combo. It will be interesting to see Bambu’s response.

Making a reliable AMS system isn’t easy. Time will tell if Anycubic’s offering will stand up. Either way competition is good for the consumer.

This was the first video I’ve seen of the Anycubic ams system. Oddly enough it doesn’t really showcase multi-material printing.


Honestly Im kinda surprised that Bambu hasnt announced anything yet, but that may be due to the A1 heatbed recall. But the dirt they kicked up with the X1C is starting to settle and if they want to remain relevant they better kick out that new printer we hear rumors of, and it might be a good idea to not screw around with yet another 256 cubed build volume either. It at least needs to be the same size of not bigger then the K1 max and deliver some new innovations they were so worried about putting in there since they didnt want to release an upsized X1.

I hear talk that the next printer might be a resin printer, and frankly I think thats a bad idea since they are losing significant market share to creality due to build volume constraints. Ive been wating for them to announce the bigger printer but Im getting tired of waiting.

As far as other companies developing an AMS, it was bound to happen and its surprising its taken this long for someone to copy it. But unless it does a better job then the bambu AMS, and frankly while handy the system could be improved, its not really that grat a deal. Honestly I think what would be a great idea is a hybrid of Prusas idea of multiple hot ends and an AMS combined. In theory while your printing with one toolhead the others could be loading and purging increasing print speed which is the biggest draw back of multi color printing. Filament loss due to purge is just the nature of the beast for multi color.

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Well, I ignore the Cobra even more than I ignore the A1. But today I got a short hit thrue a Broadcast “integrated filament dryer”.

Well, if TPU maybe come in the game (at least the drying function has the filament in it), than I may will have a quick look at it as single printer for specal cases. If the AMS TPU can print up to A95 without any hurdles… But somehow I can’t get even through the above video or the following one before I fell asleep…:

I at least read along with the A1mini - but I don’t do that anymore with the printer type. Just too uninteresting. I’ll take a moment to listen up when I see the integrated filament dryer - but a TPU message would soon have to follow up so that the printer stays on my radar.

Well, Co-Print – I don’t they’re are not process of shipping out yet. S1 FLsun not available, A1 big back hit and new Babulab flagship not available - 2024 could be the year in which you fall asleep and should put the topic of 3D printing aside until 2025 comes :wink:

Not only haven’t I ordered it - I’m not even thinking about adding another printer… X1 is running, M5 as a cheap workhorse, buffers and emergency scenarios (M5 not perfect but cheap, glue probably mandatory) - so time to wait until something comes along that you could possibly just look at and think about.

So there’s not even anything in sight that just catches my attention and those who got it all already caught the red flag… Except for Thailand, I think they will follow the plans they published in December exactly on target. As always, the quiet ones are probably the most reliable ones to rely on.

It’s worth pointing out that the currently available $100/£100 discount only has 5 days left to go.

Once that time is up, the combo unit will be more expensive than the BL version.

The version without their equivalent of the AMS will be less expensive than the equivalent BL offer.

I imagine the cost difference relates to their AMS including the features of an active dryer box.

Competition is good and drives improvements in all those who try to succeed, which only benefits consumers.

The only current concern I have is the AnyCubic Kobra 3 looks like every other printer they have provided. I can only imagine what they could achieve if they decided to reimagine the solution rather than just making an older model go faster.

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