A1 hardware kit


I just received my A1 combo yesterday and the package did not include any hardware kit (and yes I triple-checked!).

I was expecting one since all reviewers seemed to got one, and I got the color swatch which is not in the package list as well.

If you received your A1, did you get a hardware kit with it? I am the only one missing it or is it expected?

Bambu Lab will split your order into two separate packages, one for the printer and one for anything else you order with the printer. View your order and you will see you only have one tracking number showing below the printer, if the kit has been sent there will be a seperate tracking number below the kit.

I didn’t order a kit, I expected it to be part of the A1 combo standard package.

I ordered my A1 Combo direct fro Bambu last Thursday night after the announcement, it arrived, nothing in the hardware kit hole in the packing, I did get the filament color swatchs.

Thank you, so we had the same experience.

It would be great if Bambu could clarify what is in the package. The color swatches is not mentioned for example. Also make it clear for the reviewers what is included as standard and what is an extra so it doesn’t cause confusion.

You can clearly see in their official unboxing video at the :32 mark


that there os a color swatch, and a hardware kit (the jet engine in this case) so I would expect that to be in every box, since its their official video, and not some influencer special package.

Oh I missed that video, thank you!

My A1 combo had a kit inside the box, no separate shipment. There was a slot within the packaging for the component kit

I received my A1 Compo four days ago, and as say in the thread, Bambu Laps sends the printer Compo in one shipment and everything else in another shipment. Additionally, I can say that the jet engines kit and filament sample set were included in the printer order.

I opened a ticket and got an answer (quickly!) from Bambu. They told me it was a limited offer and only the first packages included a hardware kit. I ordered at the very opening on the launch day (in fact the order is 1 minute before the official time) so the operator agreed to check my package number but concluded it was not including the hardware kit and it is not a packaging error.

That’s a bit disappointing and the only conclusion is that it’s very random if you get a hardware kit or not with the first orders.