A1 Mini camera is very long to display with Bambu Studio

Hello, since I have the A1, I struggle to display the real time video with Bambu Studio so that it is very quick and fluid with P1P.
I don’t understand what could be the reason. Any idea please ?

It’s normal in this printer

Its made to check on the print, not be a CCTV camera

that’s my purpose, to check if everything is correct. During the morning I had an issue and the time to have just a capture, there were a lot of mess in the plate.

Its a 1 MP camera, and the processor on its main board has a very weak A/V chipset and very little allocated bandwidth to speed up the processing, add in the fact its feeding directly to the cloud and then post processed on the BBL side then finally gets back to you, do you see the bottlenecks to explain the why’s?

You’re expecting too much. This is at best a 5 frames per second solution in LAN-only mode without going through the Cloud. I say “at best”. Depending on the speed of your computer and the connection to the printer, YMMV. If you’re using it via Handy on your cell phone, just be grateful you get any image at all going through the cloud. :rofl:

:smiley: fine I am aware now :wink: