A1 Mini Has Been Shipped Early

I’m not complaining? You’re putting words in my mouth.

I get that it’s not Bambus fault, still sucks.

How is that a complain? Smh

Lol you complained earlier criticizing the shipping methods they use

In the U.S., ordered the morning of the 16th and not shipped yet.

USA, California, mine is out for delivery today

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I checked tracking details last night, it seems they are all being shipped from Cali.

got mine last night … shipped out of new jersey … to CT.

this printer is incredible!! the print quality with pla is out of this world

I expected NJ also, since I’m on the east coast…but mine’s coming from Cali.

Mine is set to arrive tomorrow, and of course like everyone else a signature is required and the best time window I can get is before 7 pm. Anyone else calling out for work on delivery day? Asking for a friend…

Hmm, I ordered within the first hour of pre-sale going live and no shipping notice yet. In the US. Not worried though, I haven’t even been able to use my X1C recently and haven’t told the wife I’ve ordered yet another printer :rofl: Nov 25 delivery works just fine for me!


I’am getting excited about that Mini.
But shoudn’t it be there before 25.?

ETA: Before Nov 25th (Germany)

Nov 25 is a saturday, it only means the printers will arrive in their DE warehouse before that, not that they are shipped. If they arrive on Nov 24, they may only be given to DHL after the weekend on Monday or even Tuesday, depending on the amount of orders. So worst case scenario, we’ll get our printers around Wednesday Nov 29 - Friday Dec 1. I do not think it will take this long though.

Wir werden sehen…


I hope the warehouse recives the printer in the next weeks.

Ich muss drucken. :smile:

Mine just arrived, I missed a few plans to make sure I was here for the signature. The driver didn’t ask for one until I reminded him and was glad that I did. All that to say that I could have went ahead and carried out my plans and still got in the delivery. But better safe than sorry.


Have fun! One question - are they including the filament samples and Hardware Kits in the regular combo as well, or only the large combo?

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Ordered mine on October 27th. The dude date was “before Nov 25th”, but got pushed back to December 8 now. I’m in the US, an hour from the warehouse in LA. My stuff usually comes the next day after shipping, if not that same day.

I ordered the Max pack or whatever it’s called with all the hotends and plates.

Just got mine setup. Forgot the the Mega items are coming later. upside_down_face


Do you look via the order tracker for the status ?

There is only the 1 tracker number.
I re-read my purchase email & it says that the Mega items should come within 3 days…if they don’t show after a week to put in a ticket.

But like that filament catcher! I’m thinking of printing one of those that prints on the wiper arm.

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I thought of that also. But I did the Flexi Factory and Bambu Lab Collaborative: Panda Bear and Stand by flexi.factory - MakerWorld overnight & the bin did overflow a little. So it will depend on your multi color prints.