A1 Mini Has Been Shipped Early

Woke up this morning to an email saying that my A1 Mini has been shipped.
It also said it must be signed for.

I am in the USA.


did you purchase just the mini, or the combo?

I got the Combo. (reply must be 20 characters long)

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What was the original expected ship date? Nov 25?

Yes ((reply must be 20 characters long))

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my A1 mini also shipped late last night!! i got the mega combo!! so excited!

Was it ordered on the 16th or later?

I ordered it on the 16th. Online at 8am, had purchase email at 8:04am.

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I also pre-ordered on October 17th (Mini Combo, from Germany) and have not yet received an email for shipping. I’ll probably get it by the end of November.

Where do you order? (I ordered from Spain, no megacombo, and still no news :slight_smile: )

I am in Australia and still waiting for the shipping information, possible get it near end of Nov as it advised.

I got the shipping notification for my order of the A1 Mini combo as well, from the October pre-order. My experience with UPS is that UPS asks for shipments to be picked up/dropped off within 48 hours so I’m hoping that it really does come this early

I got my notification too along with a message that it must be signed for. So now I’m waiting for my tracking number to post a date so I can work out a way to make sure someone’s there. To be honest, that part makes me nervous. I live in a decent neighborhood. I’m not worried about anybody taking my package. But if it’s on a day I have to work it’s going to be a hard stretch to have someone there in the meantime. Still super excited!!

Same here, what a shame… hoping for end of the week. Next monday would be 28 days from ordering, which is when the first charge of printers arrived at doorsteps.

LOL I ordered my A1 Mini Combo on the 28th of October 2023 and it is being delivered tomorrow and I live in South Africa. The delivery time is impressive taking into consideration South Africa does not have an official Bambu Lab office and my order came from China.

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Tracking says Friday the 10th for me.

Not very surprising, I’ve ordered a few items from AliExpress in the meantime and they’ve all already arrived. Whatever shipping Bambu is using, it’s definitely far too slow. Smh

Whatever you ordered from AliExpress was already in stock, the A1 Mini was a preorder so it’s not fair to blame shipping methods when it was clearly stated it wasn’t in stock yet and would arrive end of November (it’s even coming weeks before the ETA date lol)

(it’s even coming weeks before the ETA date lol)

Maybe yours, not mine. I’m in the EU. Ours haven’t shipped yet. Literally everyone else except for Oceania is already getting theirs (Asia/Africa gets theirs direct, North America has now started shipping locally, not sure about SA) but not us. I get that it’s not Bambus fault, still sucks.

That’s still not fair to complain about, your ETA is November 25th, if it’s later than that then you can fairly complain all you like. But as of now it isn’t late so it’s so lame to complain