A1 mini: How Delete the Files on the micro SD?

On the X1C, Files can be deleted by touch them on the screen and then delete. On the A1 mini how?

Unfortunately I can’t find any way to delete a singe file. However, you can go to settings and format your SD card to get rid of all stored files. Let’s see what the next update brings.

Yeah. I’m also coming from the X1 Carbon and it’s really annoying that this isn’t built in already. There’s also no multi-plate support built in yet. Hopefully a FW update will add these in soon.

In the meantime, I’ve just been popping the SD card into my PC if I have to declutter or delete some files. It’s annoying. But it works for now.

I just put the SD card into a reader and delete files on my PC. Not the most convenient , but works.

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