A1 mini moves print-head away during print (like probing in mid-air)

Hey everyone,

I unfortunately could not find anyone experiencing similar issues, so here I am in hopes that someone can relate and may know whats causing this.

I noticed the other day, that both my A1 Minis sometimes move their nozzle off the printing object and go somewhere else, but today I had this happen 4 times on a 1:30 print (causing 4 blobs on the surface)

1st stop at 5mm - nozzle lifted off the print - moved left & down to the poop-shoot.
2nd stop at 14mm - “…” - moved right and down beside the bed.
3rd stop at 48mm - “…” - moved right and down, beside the bed (again)
4th stop at 73mm - “…” - moved left, stayed high, and went back to print.
finishing the print at 75cm

I have no idea…

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Make sure that the filament path and PTFE tubes are clear and free. The printer can sense if the filament is having issues feeding and will move away from printing the model. Often this move will free up the filament and it will resume printing.

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Hm… the printer is about a week old and the Bambu PLA was just opened.

I feel confident enough to say, that there was no such reason for it sensing anything wrong. Its all clean and pretty much new. IF your assumption is right, and this happend due to some sensors, then these sensors don’t do their job properly.

I assume there is no way to switch that detection off, right?

I will do the exact same print now and see where it stops (which it will probably do) and compare to the previous model.

The initial idea of switching to Bambu was actually to not have to tinker, test and have problems… Hm… I’ll be back in 5400 seconds

** If anyone else has any other idea of what could be causing this - please let me know - and at best, you’ve been dealing with the same and know how to fix/mitigate this.

Thank a lot in advance

EDIT 1: Different filament and did the exact same move at the exact same point of the print. I`m going to set up a camera. More investigation… grrrr…

EDIT 2: As my Z-stop also fails and I’m apparently not the only one, I just opened a ticket and added this problem in hopes they know something I don’t.

This is the thread I am referencing.

Interesting read, I also read all the interlinked pages.

  • I have timelaps switched off.
  • The spool is tangle-free and on its spool holder (no AMS)
  • PTFE are new and all clean.
  • I just changed to Orca to see if the problem is maybe due to BS but it did the first move again. though no other yet - print is half through, so maybe the innitial one is programmed in for IDK why - the others seem to be produces by BS.

I have my security-cam set up and recording. So IF certain moves (especially the ones to the right that don’t make any sense repeat) we have that on video.

If not I’m going to run the same print of the stored file I previously had the stops.

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The moves to the right besides the bed should be the nozzle clog detection. If the nozzle is clogged, it expects to detect resistance on the way down similar to the bed leveling, but at a higher height.

You can turn this feature off in the settings.

Hey @metty Metty, thx for joining. I do have that setting switched on.
So you might be right (you probably are)
That would explain the moves to the right. Awesome.

Now the question remains - what clogs… there where no reason for it.

PD: like mentioned above - I have not again experienced the moves to the right (yet) I will print the same file with same color asa this one finishes.

EDIT: It just did the move to the right FGS!

For the upcoming test, I will switch that option off.
Just forgot… I have 2 A1 Minis XD I’ll print that second one right away.

Be back soon

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Switch off the “Nozzle clumping detection” that eventually did it for me.


I assume switching off

Nozzle clumping detection


Editing the timelapse gcode in “printer settings” (deleting it completely) helped in my case. Printer doesn’t interrupt the printing process anymore. I think it’s a bug.

That’s also an option :smiling_face: but the above should have helped.

I can’t start a new post yet, so I’m trying to find an answer to my question here. It would be really nice if you could help me here.
I have an A1 and an A1 mini and the problem occurs with both printers.
During printing, the print head stops and moves to the right rear corner of the print bed or next to the print bed and also almost all the way down Z0, pauses briefly and then continues printing normally.
It does this sporadically, 2-3 times each print.
Have I set something wrong ?
The problem is that I haven’t had a crash yet, but sometimes it’s very tight with higher components, for example, when it moves all the way down again. The half of the print head remains in the print area and if the component were there, there would probably be a crash.

Can someone explain this to me?

Many thanks in advance

Have you already tried the above options?

  • Deactivate Timelapse
  • Deactivate Clumping detection.

Both found in the printers menu.

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Timelapse is not active.
I try now to deactivate the clumping detection.

Update, its working now !
But I had to switch off the clumping detection in the printer menu, not in the studio app.
In the app there is no menu option.

On both printers the newest update also on the app (same issue).
I´ve deinstall (clean) and reinstall the app, but always the same.

But it´s ok for me.
Thank you