A1 mini only pre-orders ...when?

I know, no one knows, and bambu support is unlikely to answer this, so I’m posting more out of frustration than anything.
But what’s the ETA on opening up the pre-orders to the mini-only?
Nothing against the ams-lite, but i don’t want to waste the shelf space that could be dedicated to another printer.

Its weird nobody is looking at the A1 AMS as mountable yet, kinda sad

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“Whos going to create an inclosure where the ams hangs upside down above the a1? Smaller footprint and shorter filament path.”

That’s what I would do, limited linear movement, the design screams for a rotation change since everyone is screaming about the footprint but yet they still want 4 colors.

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For some of us it’s both the footprint and the fact that we don’t need multicolor prints.
It’s certainly cool, and would be a fun “toy” to have, but personally, I need more printers, not more colors.

You can check Bambu store, some countries already shows pre-order day for Standalone A1 Mini.

yup, ordered mine last week. :slight_smile:

There is already a printable mod that mount the AMS on the top of A1 Mini