A1 Mini -> The little one is starting to annoy me

Bambu Lab answered and recommended support, even if the print doesn’t need support on X1 or P1P.

I will use this printer from now on only for simple and “flat” prints.

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Yeah I know what you are talking about. I have had this issue on other printers but it is just uneven, not missing totally. It depends on the model but yeah it could lead to the head crushing the model and with the speeds A1 has it is easy to see how it would unstick it from the bed.

What height does it start to do it?
I could try on mine to see if there is difference

It could be a good idea to run the movement calibrations again then. With the setup that you are printing with on the place you do. I suppose it changed before the first run?

I find it hard to believe that this is the printer’s fault here 100%. It literally took me ONE tall and heavy print to realize I needed to slow it down when the weight started to add up as the part got bigger. Does it not make sense to you that a small bed slinger such as this could have a hard time slinging what could ultimately end up being 1kg or more on the plate. Use your dang head for crying out loud!! Use a height modifier to slow change your speeds at different heights if you don’t want to print slow the entire print.


TLDR…Your printer is likely skipping steps due to the excess torque it takes to move the bed. SLOW IT DOWN!!

Hey, a random thought here but. What would happen if you put like X gr of weight there and run the calibrations? :smiley:

Always use dish soap, water and paper towel. Never a normal hand towel or any cleaner with additives that will be left behind. Like rainex window cleaner lol. If you use IPA, youll still want to use soap and water every so often. Eventually youll learn to never toch the plate and then youll only need to clean it every 20-30 prints.

If youre skipping steps with factory settings, check belt tension and make sure theres no oils on them.

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That’s unusual. I haven’t had a single adhesion issue yet. And I’ve printed larger items. Including the one that looks like a castle that holds coins you posted. Came out perfect.

I’ve had issues with my A1 Mini since day one. Have dealt with Bambu support for 2 weeks, and talked to dozens of people, hundreds of wasted hours. I think there is a portion that were sent out that have issues with colour changes (basket is definitely too small and the swiper setup isn’t ideal). I’m unfortunately having to return mine. My success rates on anything printed in multicolour is below 10% from how my particular machine moves.

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I had the same on my p1p, tall parts are printing bad from certain heights, even thrown of the plate, and i can imagine on a bedslinger the problem is worse. The solution was manualy placing supports (tree), this cured my problem;
Maybe bambu slicer should warn for these situation?

I have problems with ojects too, but I do not think the problem is sticking to the plate.
At least for me the A1 Mini seems to be sometimes to low on the Z-Axis especially when doing infills and it seems to get worse the higher the object is.

Or does it just sound to me like the nozzle is hitting the grid-infill?

you might try adding modifiers to your model to gradually slow the print down as it gets taller.

What speed was you printing at if you don’t mind me asking?

That tower that you tried to print isn’t that high to be afraid of anything. I printed similar tower with no slightest issues, on normal speed. Even unsupported overhangs will not fail print that way. What I think might be the problem is a clogged nozzle or some issue with filament feeding. It misses one layer, or makes poor extrusion and then spaghetti starts. Noodles seem to be uneven, like it has problem pushing out filament from time to time. Of course it is not a permanent and obvious clog, but it can ruin any print. Printer should detect it but maybe it doesn’t? Take out the nozzle, heat it up with lighter, make few cold pulls, take a straightened pen spring that has smaller diameter than nozzle (0.4 you have?) has and put it through. Or simply swap nozzle and use pure PLA filament without any additives. Also inspect feeding gear in head, if it is clean. For me this spaghetti is not well done :slight_smile: It’s uneven. You say that prints are holding to the bed firmly. Other thing might be that cooling is not enough and some parts of print lift up and you get skipped steps after colission, and print is done in mid air after. There are no other options.If I had to bet, I’d say it was a clogged nozzle.

Before inserting the build plate on the machine you should clean again with isopropyl alcool! to be shore!