A1 Mini Update

I am not sure if this is a mechanical error or due to the update, when I run a auto bed level the nozzle overshoots the bed on the back end of the print bed and then I get a mesh error, it appears that the A1 now is configured for a larger bed size. This also causes the bed to crash hard into the end stops on the front and rear end. Anyone else having problems like this?

I now see that if I bypass the bed leveling I am able to print, it appears that the 0 home point on the Y axis has moved around 2 centimetres to the back of the the print bed. The printer is also printing off the rear of the bed.


I ran a Factory Reset on the printer and now I am not able to downgrade to the previous version of the software.

Make sure that the A1 Mini is set in the Slicer.

I have moved the discussion to Bug Report