A1 Recall + Filament Membership?

I opted to not send my A1 back with the recall, and wait for the new bed to be shipped. So my 6 month filament membership still seems to be ticking away? Any way we could get a PAUSE on that or extension? I feel that people that fully return theirs can just rebuy it again when it comes back out and get a new 6 month free plan.

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I don’t know if a pause will happen or not but there would be no reason not to max out your membership each month with filament and stockpile it for when your printer is back in action. I always max out my quota whether or not I use it all.


I doubt they will pause it, I’ve opted to return mine and will swap for the p1s, so I’m hoping I can max out the next 2 months on the current subscription then get another 6 months with the new printer :grinning:

I noticed my membership seems to have changed; originally it was set to expire in May as I purchased in December; now it is set to expire in August - so looks like I got an extension to my membership

Interesting. I purchased mine (still have it) in mid Dec and my membership states mid June, so think it’s still the same?

I bought mine in January and my membership is still in July. But I think it will be updated when the heatbed is sent, with the $120 discount code.

By the way, what a shame Bambu Lab doesn’t communicate about the solution? A photo of the new heatbed, for example, or information about the solution being designed?