A1 warping issues

I see a lot of warping issues here and on Reddit:)

I have a Prusa, smooth sheet, no warping issues.

On my A1 i have warping in corners every print at the moment. I just have the A1 3 days. Same PLA, but only the sheet is different

Using multiple brands quality PLA, the textured bed, and the settings that Bambu advice(215 and 65 for the bed… Tried different settings, nu result.

I cleaned the bed with dishwas and 99% alc.

Any good tips? Will the smooth bed work better?


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The environment also has an influence on warping. Avoid draughts as much as possible. Placing it next to a door or window is perhaps the second best idea. With my old Anet A8, every breath of wind was a risk.

PLA can warp for a number of reasons. Can you post a screen shot of the geometry you are trying to print?

Large flat features will have a higher likelihood of warping. First thing to do is add a brim. Brims add a fair bit of resistance to warping. No guarantee, but brims do help.

Not sure the smooth plates will help much, but with those, Bambu suggests using glue which will definitely improve adhesion which can’t hurt to keep things flat.


See attachment:)

change the support Brim for better adhesion

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Advice to what? This brim was already in the file.

I hade some minor warping issues in the extreme corners of some big models (rectangular 20x25cm models) printed with Elegoo Black PLA, and eventually counterintuitively lowering the bed temp to 55 deg and cleaning it with alcohol solved the problem entirely. Hope it helps.

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Interesting. I’m seeing significant warp on a job currently printing (A storage box for the hot-ends) using BambuLabs Matte PLA.
Up until now, all of my prints have had relatively small bases, and I’ve seen no warping or bed adhesion issues. This is the first large-base print I’ve done.

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I’ve been fighting with a print with sharp corners tonight myself. Bambu matte PLA. Tried different textured plates, smooth plate, different model orientation, mouse ears, regular cleaning, cleaning + IPA, glue/no glue. I’m putting it into the P1S now, hopefully I can put this one behind me.

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Just finished a print of the same box, using PolyTerra (Polymaker PLA Matte), still has a touch of warping at the corners, but significantly less than the Bambu PLA Matte.
The previous box warped enough that a few layers above the warp were distorted. This one, the warp is just barely enough to notice.

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And? Curious if you had it to on the other printer!

It’s finishing on the P1S now, flawlessly, with the same spool of filament and same settings. Meantime, I have another job on the A1 which is a large flat piece with curved ends, and it’s having no issues. Something about those 90 degree corners and the temperature fluctuations from being an unenclosed slinger maybe?

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Could be…

But the prusa is in same room, same place, no exclosure, all same pla etc etc. Never ever had any warping…

I modified this value:

And now I get excellent results all the time :smiley: I was getting parts flying in middle print as you.

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Sorry but I have no idea how g-code work, what does the change do?

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Looks like he’s lowering the nozzle a touch more? Unmodified value is 0.020

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One thing I’ve noticed is that the PLA profiles have some rather aggressive cooling fan settings. Given the cool ambient temperatures currently, in an open printer, I’m wondering if a significant issue is too rapid of cooling. If what you’re printing does not have overhangs, I’m thinking you could pretty much disable the aux cooling fan?

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Aux is off. Same result.

Just received an esun pla +, testing now.

You never now if its the pla… then still, prusa with this pla no issues, bambu adhesion issues.

Back in 20 minutes:)


Issue warping on Dutch brand pla on a1, next to a prusa, same settings, same room, same way of cleaning, same pla with no warping.

Ofcourse difference is the clean versus structured pei sheet.

Just received a esun pla+.

Same print, no warping on prusa.
AND no warping on A1:)

I’m definitely looking at getting the smooth PEI plate when it is available. I Might also try the Cool Plate?

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