A1 with hardened steel nozzle PETG-CF able?


Does anyone know if the A1 can print PETG-CF with the hardened steel nozzle?

Thank you

The spec sheets says

  • Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer - Not Recommended

But the replacement nozzle on the store has information regarding printing with CF blends so it’s a bit confusing?

  1. Filaments with carbon fiber, glass fiber, metal, or other inorganic particles are prone to clog a 0.2 mm nozzle.
  2. For filaments containing carbon fiber or glass fiber, it is highly recommended to use a hardened steel 0.6 mm nozzle to minimize the risk of clogging and abrasion.
  3. Bambu PLA-CF and Bambu PETG-CF have been extensively tested and proven to have a low risk of clogging when printed with a hardened steel 0.4 mm nozzle, while also achieving higher print quality.

As Jon mentioned, the tech specs say no.
However, if you go to accessories, the information is different.
If you use BL filament, yes, at least they seem to ensure it works.


I have an order in for the mega combo to arrive before Oct 16. Main reason I ordered the combo was the hardened steel nozzles with it. I will definitely try PLA-CF as well as PETG-CF and PA-CF on the A1 with the hardened steel nozzles. Why else would they sell them.

I also ordered a bunch of accessories for A1 and noticed that the extruder unit has a hardened steel gear set already (IMO) so just like the X1C and if you upgrade P1P/P1S to hardened steel extruder/nozzle you can print these materials, besides warping being the main concern on A1 , I don’t see why it wont work., but then again, I’m no expert and will only know when the printer arrives :slight_smile:

Really happy though, something new to try !!!

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I don’t see any issue for the PLA and PETG CF (if BL filament).
I don’t doubt that PA-CF works in the A1, mainly if you use the 0.6mm nozzle.
But if the extruder is, as they state, made of stainless steel, it will wear quickly.

I do not intend to buy it, but if the users’ experience is good, it may be the first printer I will recommend to anyone. But for use with PLA, PETG and TPU and their composites.

Hi! I am going to buy A1 megacombo as you, what accessories do you recommend me to buy apart? thank you very much!

Hi - I have seen in a few online videos that the front cover needs removing to change nozzles and some tiny pins tend to break easily so went ahead and ordered 3 of those. The poop mechanism seems like it may be something flimsy so ordered those. Other than that guess whatever u feel may be needed , Also - I just noticed today that in USA , Microcenter has all BBL printers in stock and most spares. I can just drive down 10 miles and buy at the same price as online. Wonder why they don’t advertise the fact. It’s such a great seller.

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Thank you!

Then I will order too the front cover and poop mechanism, thanks!!!

Hello, I am a newbie with 3D printing.
I just ordered the combo and I need to buy some filaments.
I have seen that SUNLU has a very nice PLA MATTE.
Is it compatible with the nozzle that is coming with the A1?
I read that it is abrasive…
Thanks for answering.

I would suggest that you stick to using Bambu filament until you’re confident printing with your new printer. The printer and slicing software are optimized for printing with this this filament and should give you the least amount of issues. Once you understand how the printer runs and what is normal it will be easier for you to work with other brands of filament and recognize the different types of printing issues.


Thanks you for the advice.
I understand that Bambu has also MATTE PLA filament.
What is their quality vs the classic PLA ?
I have not seen that Bambu has PLA+ …

I see PLA Tough listed on the BL website. I assume that’s thier version of PLA+

Have you testet the mentioned fiber reinforced filamemts? I would love to know, because today I could order a a1 mini without the ams, which i don’t need.

Yes PLA/PETG–CF works great. You will get a warning in Bambu Studio - hit confirm and print… I did set the bed temp to 65 for PLA-CF and 80 for PETG-CF. Make sure you are using Used 0.4mm Hardened Steel nozzle. Though the bed temp can go up to 100 C, I havent tried PA or PA-CF yet. Its hard enough on the X1C, why bother with the mini.