Ability to name filaments in AMS

So far I’m really impressed with my X1C combo, it prints fantastic quality prints much faster than my old ender 3, however the biggest, glaring issue I’ve encountered is naming the slots in AMS.

I’m partially colorblind, so relying on just color slots makes it near impossible for me to differentiate similar colors. I also have scenarios where I have matte black and normal black filament in the AMS, there is no way to differentiate between them on the printer itself or in BambuStudio. The only option I’ve been able to find is setting one to PLA-Silk but even that only shows as ‘PLA’ until you click on the slot.

A couple of what seem to be fairly easy to implement features would be:

  • Ability to create manufacturers of filament (either directly on the printer or via Bambu Studio and then sync it to the printer)
  • Ability to create filament names similar to above (I’d like to add PLA-metallic, PLA-gloss, in addition to PLA-silk currently)
  • Add a flag / modifier to the color swatch, this could be as simple as a single letter (so a M on black PLA to signify matte, or G for gloss, or S for silk) or an overlay graphic to show a shine or similar.
  • Allow for custom thumbnails in addition to the color swatch, that way you could have a basic carbon pattern to signify PLA carbon filament etc.

Even if the swatch changes can only be displayed in bambustudio it would be a step forward/

Another, lower priority request (which I assume may not be implemented as it already is for Bambulab filaments) is the ability to estimate remaining filament, again I don’t think a difficult thing to implement as the feature is already there for bambu native filaments, in the filament edit page you could just enter weight (default to 1000g), I understand it wouldn’t be able to remember the remaining length if you remove the roll and reinsert it but I rarely would do that if using multiple AMS units.

It’s the only thing holding me back ordering another 1 or 2 more AMS units, It’s hard enough to distinguish between the 4 filaments currently, if it was able to be clearer I’ve buy another in a heartbeat.


I so agree!

We use Bambulab X1C for engineering, and the printer is great except for the insane handling of filaments, where you cannot print engineering filaments properly because of the software in the AMS and the printer, and inability to have more people send prints to the printer.

That you have to list ex advanced bearing material as Generic PLA, it does not sync, you cannot push it to the printer and you end up with wasting filament because not printing hobby articles in PLA

Limitation on naming filament brands and types of filaments and syncing them the the AMS, reduces the value massively.

We should be able to print multimaterial - ie. ex a PLA body with bearing material. Parts like these should be possible to print in Bambulab, and we should be able to print override things