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Bambu Studio is a cutting-edge, feature-rich slicing software. It contains project-based workflows, systematically optimized slicing algorithms, and an easy-to-use graphical interface, bringing users an incredibly smooth printing experience.

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I am new here and it seems that the only way to get into the forum is reply to a post. The “New” button does not seem to provide a field to enter a statement. But while I am here can someone tell me how to change the default test color messages on my Bambu Studio. the Default seems to be black on black. and the size of the last line on an eye chart which is the copyright statement… LOL

Hi everybody,

I am new and just wanted to propose something for brim.

I used to make my brims in Fusion 360 from a 0.4 mm thick box
that has a boulean subtraction of the object that is to be printed
and assign an grid like infill without bottom and top layers.
This way I could print difficult materials, that would warp without enclosure.
Also the moisture has a significant role in building little pockets that contribute to warp.
The grid let’s it escape.
You can run a test with something that usually warps and print it without the bottom layer and it will keep it’s shape.

This way the brim is much easier to take off the print.
it would be great if someone would ad such an option to the Studio software


Same here mate, total newbie, but anyways, what I was going to ask is the functionality of both handy and studio, I’m guessing studio only works on PC and LAN but what Can you do remotely with handyman app, I’m thinking of when I’m away from the house


As you can see there are few responses in this part of the forum. Since I got trapped here in June 2023 I have had no responses to this area. Once I was registered and finally verified as a member I found how to start a proper post.
As a slightly more experienced Newby, the Bambu Studio [BS] and Bambu Handy [BH] work well when using the Cloud based network. However, so far only the Mac OS and Windose OS work with the LAN and that is in early stages of readiness. Sometimes it works other times it seems to loose its way.
I use the LAN to reduce my satellite Bandwidth. In my first month BS ate 90% of my 50GB monthly bandwidth in just over a week. Since using the LAN, when it works, my bandwidth usage has return back to normal. However, neither camera, MicroSD Card, or LAN transfers seem to function with the latest update.
If you must have the remote option[BH] then the cloud is the way to operate.
Depending on which printer you are using, you may get better response from the forums under those categories, than here. Good luck and happy exploring you new life in 3D printing.

Totally new to forums in general. I’m new to 3D printing as well. I bought the printer because we do a lot of design work. It will be nice to print presentation models. I have a simple design I would like to print, but the slicer is telling me that the model needs repaired. It is a basically a box top with geometry on the top, so printing it with side walls up isn’t an option. When repaired, the underside gets closed off. I can’t seem to ask a question in the forum - thought that was how a forum worked? If anyone can help - both on the forum or printer side, I would appreciate it. Sorry, this really isn’t a reply.

Im new here. Does anyone know how you can exclude a part when you are cutting a large model? The cut goes through all and I wish it could just cut out a small part.

New Bambu user… 10yrs 3D printing exp.

Can somebody show me how to measure between 2 points? I assumed it would be under “scale” as how else would you know how to scale. Cura has a plugin for this functionality.

Also is it possible to view “printer logs” from Bambu studio?

Well…my printer arrived today at 3pm, I had a Benchy in hand by 5pm, now it’s 10pm and I’m already regretting my purchase. The printer works great, however, the Studio software won’t even install on my Windows 10 machine. The same machine that runs Fusion 360, Cura and Qidi’s slicer software without problems. I’ve been searching for a solution all evening and have gotten nowhere. Awesome.

Can’t get to where I can post a new topic.

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I got a Bambu P1S for Christmas. I got it to work using the Bambu Handy on my iPhone. It’s an awesome machine. However, I can’t get Bambu Studio to show my printer. I have uninstalled it, I have checked my firewall to see if it were blocking Bambu and it wasn’t.

I would love to run the printer through the Studio app. because I am a quadriplegic and can’t use my phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

I am posting this reply because I have read it is necessary to do this a few times before I am able to post about an issue I am experiencing with bambu studio. I wish this were more clear.

Hi There,
I have one question because I can’t find the solution by myself…
I got “holes” in my infill but the model is solid and this holes are printed “in the air”. I just want to print the complete infill/top surface and on top layer the rest of the model.
Can I close them or is there a option for it?

Please help :smiley:

Hi everyone,

I want to add text to an inserted STL file and print that text first on the build plate, as it should be the top surface, and I want to have the pattern of the textured PEI plate on it.
Unfortunately, I can’t set the height to 0.0. In my opinion, I should have set the depth to 1mm so that the text ends flush with the surface, but that didn’t work. Is there an option in the software to achieve this, or do I need to solve it externally?

I am having issues with the latest update to Mac Sonoma 14.4.1. Since i have update my mac bambu just crashes and wil not open. I and my IT team have been on this for hours and even sent it a report to bambu but have not had a response. HAs anyone seen this problem yet?

Log i get is. thus: WARNING: Secure coding is not enabled for restorable state! Enable secure coding by implementing NSApplicationDelegate.applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState: and returning YES.

Unhandled unknown exception; terminating the application.