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We know very well that to make 3D printing accessible to everyone, a good and easy printer is not enough.

Therefore, we decided to create MakerWorld, a 3D model platform that seamlessly links printers, model creators, and users. MakerWorld is currently in its Beta phase, and we want to curate the most suitable group of beta users to ensure an exceptional experience upon the official release.


I got the website any chance you can tell me how to update the app to use it.

Are there any Linux users that can help me with getting BBS setup to accept links from the makerworld website? I’ve tried adding mimetypes to the .desktop file but I lost. I’m using uBuntu 22.04

We live in the fourth industrial revolution and it is happening a lot in our homes. If people can’t afford a printer, they have access to fablabs.
I think that MakerWorld will become the leading platform for 3d models, given his commitment for accessibility and openness to the entire 3D printing ecosystem. It is undoubtedly the cornerstone of this fourth revolution. :smiley:

On Makerworld there are people who are stealing designs from other sites and posting them on Makerworld as there own. One of them is joeywastaken5. He’s got several that are from another site.

I’m trying to publish a topic but I’m getting “An error occurred: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”.

Same for me, but I can reply!

Same here, I cannot create a new discussion I have a draft for

hi all i like makerworld

Maybe you shouldn’t ban people for no reason if you really want to make it more accessible. Or at least provide evidence and a warning before doing so. Also, ONE appeal? Really? Pitiful.

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Can’t find to fill in a feature request, i have one for the vase maker tool. anyone can help me out?

I have a problem with a user uploading a print profile that has nothing to do with the original design.

You can report the profile.

How do I do that? It is uploaded to my design and my design is of a sword, and their print profile is of the NFL Super Bowl trophy.

click on the vertical 3 dots icon

Thank you, kind sir. I just wish there was an option to remove the print profiles if you are the publisher of the model.

You’re welcome :wink: don’t worry MakerWorld will remove it.