Abrasive filaments on AMS lite possible?

Hi, I have ordered a 0.4mm hardened nozzle for the A1 mini but a question arises, can abrasive filaments (with wood particles or PLA-CF or PETG-CF) be used through the AMS lite or only with the external holder?
Thank you very much!

Hi, I saw now the answer in the wiki, they say they only recommend Bambu PLA-CF and PETG-CF in principle:

But please if someone try to use for example wood particles filament or with bright particles tell us if it can be used, thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

The hardened nozzles are likely the same material and process used in the other BL printers, so should last a long time. Even the standard nozzle is fine to use but will obviously wear quicker. I would expect to get at least 1000hrs from a hardened nozzle unless you were to print exclusively with abrasive filaments.

Thanks! I understand that from external holder there is no problems to use abrasive with hardened Nozzle, my question is more about the damage to AMS lite parts and ptfe when you put in one of the 4 channels of it :slight_smile:

It’s likely too early to say what wear is going to happen with abrasives but I would believe that the PTFE will wear the same as any other printer. I’ve seen some possible issues with some filament rolls not fitting on the AMS lite, so you may have to run it from the single filament holder. But hopefully if there was going to be any expected wear in the top of the extruder, BL would have spares available.