Accessing advanced settings

Why am I not able to turn on the Advanced switches in the Process or Filament profiles?

I’m trying to get to the Pressure Advance settings.

If you are using developer mode under preferences tab, it disables the advanced buttons in Bambu Studio.

At least it does on my version(latest and greatest).


THANKS! That did it. I would have never figured that out.

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So I see now that if I want Pressure Advance I have to go to Orca. But I use BS because I use the AMS for everything. I already have a ton of custom filament profiles. Is it possible to open these in Orca, tweak pressure advance, and save them back into my Bambu filament profiles?

Since i dont tweak profiles. I dont know the correct answer. But someone who loves to make a perfect print will chime in shortly. :smiley: They are a plenty of experts here who know how to work these two software programs.

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You could just add it in the filament start gcode, ‘M900 K0.02’ is what I used to use before I started using Bambu filament. If you look at the gcode generated from orcaslicer with PA enabled with a value of 0.02, it adds this line.

So you code just put that here:-

I’m not aware of any differences in AMS usage between Bambu Studio and Orca.

Filament profiles are shared through the cloud between BS and Orca, for the User Preset settings that they both use, which is most of them. BS does not recognize Orca PA settings. I don’t think Orca will recognize the new flow rates stored on the printer by Studio.

This is all subject to change as Bambu keeps changing Studio to accommodate MakerWorld and “Custom filaments” as seen in the 1.8 beta.

I don’t think you’ll want to go back to Studio once you’ve used OrcaSlicer.

Oh wow. I was told Orca doesn’t recognize the AMS. I just checked it out and it does. So I see no reason not to switch. Tons of videos on tuning with Orca. I’m gonna be a busy boy tomorrow. Thanks, everyone.