Accessing Cloud Documents

When I use Bambu Handy on my iPhone I can access all of my cloud document history for reprinting. However, using the Bambu Studio app for Mac I can not figure out how to access the cloud history files.

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Curious if you ever figured it out? Same here. Doesn’t make any sense that I can access every single print on my phone but not on the printer… only the most recent. I’ve been told that instead of clicking “print plate” from the bambu studios, to select “send” which sends to the SD card. If that’s the case, then why does my phone have every single print since I bought the printer. All of which were printed by selecting “Print”? Just trying to figure things out.

Your Handy App has access to these prints as they were sent through the cloud and thus are stored in the cloud. You can turn this off by using “Incognito Printing” in the app.


I like the idea that they are all saved to the phone. However, is there any way for the printer to access the same files saved in the cloud? Makes reprinting frequent files very easy. Or is there any way for Bambu Studio or the laptop able to access the cloud files? I see the most recent in Studio, but nothing older. I’ve since adjusted to 200 most recent, but it’s still not pulling up older items. I only have the option to reprint immediately after a successful print on the X1. If I select no and need to reprint it later, I need to go back to Studio, find it in most recent (if I’m lucky) re-slice then print or the easiest method to go through the phone where it’s completely ready to reprint and just click print. Seems it would just be simpler to access all of the cloud files on the printer (just like the phone) and select if had already been prepared. I only see the preloaded and files that I physically saved to the SD or “Sent” rather that “Printed”. Hopefully, that made sense… I[m sure it’s a simple issue and I’m probably doing something wrong.

It may be a possible future feature but there also might be hardware limitations on the printer side that just won’t allow this. I don’t see why this couldn’t be added on the slicer side.

To be clear, files are saved in the cloud not on your phone. The app just has access to the thumbnail and is able to initiate a call for the cloud to resend the print file. There is no way that I know of to download the file from the cloud.


Thanks for the replies. Yes, that’s actually what I meant. I see that the phone is a history from the cloud jobs. Just looking to streamline things and simplify starting prints for my son to take care of when I’m at work. He’s definitely learning fast though. I also can’t find much info on the cloud access, is there a storage size limitation… etc… soaking up info

There is very limited if any info about the cloud. This might stem from a security stand point or it may just be Bambu holding their cards close. The storage limit may also be intentionally vague so that Bambu has flexibility on providing or adjusting storage limits.