Acid-free activated charcoal - Canada

Looking for activated charcoal for a Bento-box filter. Can anyone tell me if they’ve found any in Canada? There’s a lot of Activated carbon on Amazon but they do not say “acid free” and the ones from the US are $20 or so but shipping is $35 more.

Having the same issue locating material. Were you able to source any material in Canada?

I was able to get some from Sparta3D

FWIW, the Aquapapa on has been passed the fan in box on hotplate test. The screws I threw in haven’t changed.

That’s great to know. Would you post the link, please?

These were the bags. I’ve only tested 1 out of 4

I did grab a Sparta bag too, which I’ve yet to test, but the Aquapapa pricing is cheap enough that I’m contemplating making the reusable chamber exhaust cartridges now too.

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