Add a "change filament" button on p1p/p1s

The way it works right now, if you want to swap spools without an AMS, you unload filament and as soon as it’s pulled back the nozzle temperature starts dropping until you hit the “load” button.

My suggestion is to have a 3rd button for “change filament” Here’s how it would work:

  1. Select “change filament” in the feeding menu
  2. “Unload” process starts
  3. When the sensor detects filament has been pulled back, the “Load” process starts automatically

Not a huge deal but it would make it a bit easier and save a couple minutes every filament change.

There’s not enough real estate on the screen for that, which is why they made a MQTT device screen as an open source project on github for it, it’s about 10-15 dollars US