Add Amazon Pay as a payment type to the store

IT sure would be nice to be able to spend my holiday amazon gift card balance in the bambu store :slight_smile: Can you add amazon pay as an option?


May be good for you, but for the seller this will add a lot of extra cost. Amazon ist not doing that for free. Product will get more expensive to compensate for these costs.

Other business charge you extra for other payment options, if i remember correctly was 2.9% for PayPal the last time i order some underwater stuff elsewhere. Other payment option is opening the business for a wider audience and should not automatically make the products for all customers more expensive.
I live in Europe and know a lot of people without a credit card, myself included.

why do I want to pay ~ 3 pct extra, if a CC is free ? Don’t get it. There are even prepaid CCs available, if you don’t to go for the long term or are concerned about safety.

On the same site I get -2.5% when I prepaid with my bank account why should I use a credit card? Everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to pay a service fee or not. This is only about the opening of other payment models.

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Because credit cards are not always as common as in some countries (like USA). Here in the Netherlands for example the minority of people own/have access to a credit card. And they’re not free either. I applied for one just to be able to buy on bambulabs’ store. I would have prefered some other payment method (like IDeal, Paypal or direct bank transfer) and even have payed a few % extra if that’s what it takes.


Actually if you go look on the amazon pay sign up page. They don’t charge extra fees.

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I might be wrong, but I don’t think that you can use Amazon Gift Card balance as payment for Amazon Pay. I’m pretty sure this can only be used on Amazon’s site.

Please do correct me if I’m wrong but I want to say that I tried to use my balance somewhere else where Amazon Pay was allowed it and wouldn’t allow me to use the balance.

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You are correct. Ah well… there goes my grand plan :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, if they allowed Amazon think of the amount of returns / cancellations due to unanswered complaints and questions. It would never work for the setup of BL as it stands!!! IMO