Add build plate to touch screen display

On the touch screen display it would be nice if the model you are looking at had the plate type for it as well. I have some models that I print on cool plates and the same model also printed on a textured plate. It would be nice to know which was which without having to name the model. It would be nice to also see the plate name as well for multi plate prints.

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I introduced abbreviations in the company.

This means everyone can always print what they need without me having to look for it. Heating up, material change, this everyone can do, also on old printers…



For you that would be possible.


and if one printer fails, they just can take one of the other 3 printers (same model)…

This works if you can get everyone to name things the same way. I think their firmware should be able to identify the plate type and name to help when reprinting, etc.

I did a couple of AMS risers & a couple of guitar bodies (both were multi plate prints) on two different printers. I ended up printing two of the same thing because the images aren’t easy to see and you can’t see the plate name. Also had tried to reprint something and couldn’t tell which plate was needed and then it initialized and threw the plate mismatch error.

It just seems logical the firmware can show this info as it’s in the code already. No need to force everyone to rename all of their files with information that the files already contain.

Yes, it will be helpfule if a Printer can do this… Nice idea.

was just a hint as to how you could solve it in the meantime -

And by the way, since I’m the only one creating the gcodes, the others just have to know which letter stands for what… In the end, only I decide which part goes into the purchase, which will remain on the warehouse and what the printer will deliver… To decide that, 3D printing is a very small part of the decision. Then there are risk analyzes and also how quickly and the skills to integrate into the process as well as ultimately the cost structure and kepping the system upright in delievery if needed…