Added a modifier to change the print color but it wont change

It appears to change in the prime tower but not the model, when i print this the red does not print.

Did you paint the model?

no, the instructions for the model do not require it

Suddenly it is working, idk why, i just kept doing the same thing over and over and magically it worked, I did start a new project and then imported the model and modifier, maybe something stuck in the original project???

However, the modifier color bleeds right down to the build plate, when the modifier started up around the 20th layer. So its printing both the model color and the modifier color on all layers.

Sometimes, the slicer does strange things. Restarting it often helps.

If you got color bleed, check your purge volumes (in the slicer, just above the filament selection). I had the same problem earlier today. It had set its multiplier to 0,0 for some reason.

I suppose i’m using the wrong words, eg Bleed. Its not bleeding as in ink or melted filament. Its that the part of the model under the modifier which should not be effected, is printing in the modifier color when it shouldnt be.

Are you using the Filament preview in Bambu Studio or Orca? That should make troubleshooting much simpler.

yes of course, not sure if it could be avoided if wanted

Sorry, it is just difficult to help in the troubleshooting with the single image.

From your statements, it sound like the model (not requiring painting) contains several parts which you should be able to color in bulk. Which should avoid any kind of coloring where it is not intended. So it would be interesting to see the slicing results.

If however you did need to use the paint tool, some (sometimes extensive) intermixing is to be expected as multicolor path generation features filament anchoring. This may occur across layers although it is mainly in XY. Red: Painted, Orange: Anchor


If the slice is fine but the printer is doing something different, that would be quite the puzzler.

PS: I did have one case where the printer tried to print two colors in exactly the same location. Slicing error. I needed to restart Bambu Studio and the problem did mysteriously go away.

Heres a screenshot of my model and the modifier. Model is in white the modifier is in red. The job of the modifier is to change the white color to red and it does that, the problem is it changes the color from the bed, when it should not.

I’ve scrolled down in this pic and you can still see red, it should be all white at this height.

This was ok and worked for 3 prints then wouldnt work properly after that.

The good news is, that today it has worked. That is on the second try. The first time i just imported the model and the modifier, didint work. The second time i imported the model, then right clicked the model in the object menu and added a modifier and loaded the modifier file. It worked.

As a footnote, i did this same thing yesterday several times and it didnt work, so idk. Software sucks at times.

OK, that is strange.

Are you able to ccompletely remove the modifier? You could then set you own modifiers. Since it appears that the model needs to be colored at a certain height you could slice, then right click on the layer where slider where you want to change the color and assign a different filament.

Another thing I noticed is that you have the “Conflicts of gcode paths” errors. I had that a few times.
Today, when a path led to Z=250mm.
And previously when it tried to print 2 colors in exactly the same place (it does look like that in your lower pic).
In most cases, restarting Bambu Studio resolved that, even when saving and reloading the exact same file.
Sadly Murphies law struck just now when taking the screenshot below. This time, I could only get to the modifiers and a gcode error free slice by making a new project :frowning_face:

I fiddled around getting my screenshot while you posted.

Glad you got it to work :+1:

And yeah, software works in mysterious ways :wink:

It seems to get worse the more complex the models are and the more plates are used. Lesson learned :wink: