Adding LED Strip Lights To Improve Brightness

For me the light inside the box is too dim, especially when printing black filament. I added LED strip lights to the underside of the AMS and now my prints are much more visible.


Looks nice, but be aware that too much lighting can provide false reading to the lidar. So if you do flow calibration, bed leveling and first layer inspection, it might be worth to shut off the extra light.

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Yes, I only use for checking when I am in front of the machine. The extra light also blows out the video on the app so I leave it off.

I created an X1C Power Tap PCB for accessing the 24v on the Bambu Bus Cable (4-PIN). I’m using a version of the board on three models I designed.

  1. X1C Power Tab 446 - Printables

  2. X1C USB 446 - Printables

  3. X1c USB 440 - Printables

The number represents the types of connectors found on the item. i.e. 440 means two 4-Pin and no 6-Pin.

I had installed LED lights on my X1C, using a 6-Pin cable to access the 24v provided by the printer to the AMS unit (by plugging it into the second AMS 6-Pin port).

That worked great when I only had one AMS, but the cable length became a concern when I added my second AMS. I designed a Power Tap box with a 6-pin connector to draw 24v from the 4-pin Bambus Bus Cable.

I then added a USB Board to the STL design to provide additional options in the future. I want to make a kit available with the parts to add to your print.


Have a question about that detail from watching a few videos explaining why the included lighting is so dim and poorly illuminates the model.

Couldn’t the machine be programed to turn the lights off during this lidar sequence or even better dim them with a controller when required, and have the correct amount of light that is desirable to the user the rest of the time?

Has that concept been floated around here?


Depends on how the extra LEDs are powered. If connected to the internal chamber LED then maybe someone can figure out the g code change to dim the lights. If connected to external power then somehow you’d need to trigger the external controller to dim at the right time.
I think the lighting infatuation is maybe what happens right when you get the printer and you’re staring at it all the time. When you shift focus to designing and printing more probably won’t be staring at it as much as you’ll be designing stuff!
That said would be cool to have a way to sync things to what the printer is doing. I saw some posts on home automation forums that seemed to have found a way to watch MQTT messages from the printer. You could do that and then use it to control an external light controller. Let me know if you figure it out lol

Very interesting. Maybe I can use your design to provide power to a power on LED for the front of the machine.

Works great for adding lights to the top of your printer. The version you would need depends on the voltage of your LED lights. The usb powered LEDs work well and do not get as hot as the 24v ones that I used.


Is there a way to connect it to the P1P?

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i wish i saw this a few days ago before i took mine apart to get to the 24v…

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works on both the P1P and X1 series.