Additional heatbed delay?

Woke up to an email from BL this morning, updating my support ticket … got excited as I thought it would indicate that the new heatbed was finally on the way … but unfortunately, no such luck. Rather, it appears they are simply communicating additional delays as they are now navigating approval with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Here’s the wording …

“In order to provide our users with a safe and compliant solution, we have been in communication with the CPSC, following the established procedures. Their latest feedback indicates that further evaluation is required regarding the specifics of the heatbed replacement plan. We have been actively cooperating and facilitating the communication process, and we expect to receive more concrete feedback in the next 1-2 weeks”.

So, it would seem that we’ve now added a little extra uncertainty to the delivery schedule, at least for customers in the US. I haven’t seen any other communication related to this (blogs, etc.), nor any other forum postings, but I am assuming others are now in the same situation?

I received this message today as well…strange that some heat beds went out to customers and already installed and now this…

its been over 2 weeks since i got this message and no word on my replacement heatbed as yet. Anyone else still waiting on their heat bed?

Same here … still. I did do an online chat a couple days ago to see if I could get an update, and see if I could find out what the ‘CPSC issue/delay’ was all about … but the agent just said they would ‘prioritize’ my shipment (I’m not holding my breath), but evaded addressing my specific questions re: this additional holdup.

So, short story, still in an indeterminate holding pattern.

I myself didn’t even get the email. My son got his a month ago and it shipped out of NJ. I was wondering in the cargo terminal in Baltimore and or the Francis Scott Key Bridge accident has anything to do with it. On the cargo ship DALI perhaps? All I know is that it’s been 90+ days and not a peep from Bambu Labs here.