Adhesion problems on my PEI plate

I have been having adhesion problems on my PEI plate for a few days. Does anyone have an idea what I can do differently or better?

Currently I clean the print bed after each print with hot water, then I dry it and clean it again with isopropanyl 99.9% to remove the last residues completely.

My P1P is the first printer I’ve used with a PEI plate and have had it for about a month now but suspect is it possible these types of build plates wear out over time depending on how much they are used/exposed to heat, etc?

They will wear out for sure, but that quickly would be exceptional.
I’ve had PEI plates that were much cheaper and have lasted more than three times as long.

I was having the same problem. I scrubbed the plate with Isopropyl Alcohol and it still wasn’t sticking. It turned out that my first layer was printing too fast on the file I was printing from (the Benchy file that came on the SD card with the printer) and the other file I was testing with was printing the first layer too high. Another maker suggested printing a calibration cube and it printed perfect. I ended up buying another PEI plate just to have a second that I could rotate out. We also were suspecting the weather change. It had warmed up the week I was having adhesion issues and I still think some moisture got into my filament. I have seen others suggest “baking” filament, though I have yet to actually do it. My problem fixed itself before I had got to that step, though if it were to happen again, “baking” would likely be my first step in troubleshooting. So there’s a few things to look out for : Layer speed, Layer height, and moisture in filament. I would also try the calibration cube as your test print.
If you wanna check out the thread it’s here Best of luck and hope this helps

Make sure not to touch the plate. I’ve noticed the plate is super sensitive to hand oils. For me, its most noticeable with my PETG. I can literally clean it and give it a good thumb print and watch the print not stick there. And the real odd part… I don’t have oily hands.

If you sure the hands aren’t causing it, I’d double check that you have the PEI plate selected in the slicer. Every once in a while, the plate will default to the cool plate.

I tried printing PLA on the textured pei plate that comes with p1p and it kept on warping and warping no matter what I did. PETG sticks well thought, no issues there.

I purchased the engineering plate since, 100% no problems for pla and pc

Thanks, this is what I am going to try. The adhesion was great for a while on PLA and PETG but then rapidly fell off (pun intended). I have always cleaned my Hictop PEI plate on my Creality prints with Isopropyl and it worked just fine. But when I tried this on the Bambu plate it was only marginal. Ill try your wash and bake method.

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What works for me is hot water with dish cleaning soap and leave it dry verticaly without touching. Ivan Miranda does recomend this, and says that alcohol or isopropol adds a thin layer that reduces the layer sticking to the surface.
Try it.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Ivan knows a thing or two about large build plates and making prints stick to it. :laughing:


I recently just switched to 99.9% IPA and is seems that now nothing will stick. Oddly it was recommended over the 70% because it was said the 70 contained other chemicals in it, lol maybe those chemicals were helping to hold the previous builds down. I’m going to try this tonight, I’ll update later.

I’ll echo that. IPA causes more issues than it solves. Dawn dish soap and hot/warm water for the win.