Advanced filtering to avoid certain type of models

I like to browse the models uploaded, trending and such, but it seems like more than 50% of models are 2D art or keychains, this is pushing me toward avoiding the site altogether. I don’t believe I’m the only one. The filter options available are too few, and are useless to avoid models we don’t care for, even if we’re not looking for a specific model. Sometimes it’s cool to look through and find your next print serendipitously.

TL;DR: Please have advanced filtering, especially to be able to avoid certain type of models.


They need to allow the tag searching like in printables or also add more filters. I am sick of seeing hueforge prints, coasters and logos too. The site is flooded with these things… but the fact I can’t tag search is really a frustration to me since I was so use to it on printables. The tags are already there!

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@royeiror @ExtremeElementz
We are going to develop advanced search, which may help on this.