Advice with best print quality

I am pretty new with 3D printing and I have a P1P(P1S kit) combo. My friend will be hosting an Oscar’s party and we will have a game to see who get most correct winners. I want to print some Oscars ( to give as prize

I know 3D printing is a lot of try/error but I was looking for some guidance on how I could get the best printing quality. Should I buy a 0.2 printer head? ironing in all surfaces?

What are the suggestions to make the best printing quality?

I would stick with the .4mm nozzle as there isn’t intricate detail on that model. You can print on the finest layer height setting of .08 but be warned it will take a good amount of time to print. That or you can try using variable layer height to get the best of both worlds.


Under advanced quality settings enable the Inner/Outer/Inner wall order (aka Sandwich mode) it helps quite a bit with wall consistency but can have worse overhangs.
Also, reducing outer wall speeds and accelerations will certainly help.