After 19 days, still no voucher for A1 heated bed exchange

Hello, I’m getting annoyed, I’ve been waiting 19 days for a notification for the voucher (heated bed exchange).
After I sent the pictures on 18.04.2024, I haven’t heard anything to date. That makes me angry.

Please someone from Bambu Lab take up the matter.
I realise that you have a shortage of staff, but 19 days where others have waited 24 hours to 3 days is a bit much.

Im am also getting very frustrated here. I finished my bed replacements on 3 x A1 printers 11 days ago. The same day they arrived, all photos for all 3 printers have been sent the same day. I have sent 2 more emails to bambu since asking why its taking so long since their instructions stated it will take 2 business days from the time they receive the photos. Zero response from bambu Labs, its very frustrating. Ive started a print farm and have 3 x A1s and 3 x X1C printers. I will need to double my capacity very soon with an additional 6 x X1C printers, but the lack of support response is making me consider other printers now. Please Bambu respond to the emails. Thank you.

emails? You mean ticket right because responding to a bambu email does nothing. Unless it’s different in your case my bambu emails are all from

When you reply to the mail from the ticket, it’s like writing a ticket, I’ve done that too and already 5 times.
I always get a notification that the matter is being processed and that they currently have too few staff and it will take 3 days. I don’t think it’s right how Bambu Lab treats customers. 19 days is already a lot.

How did you submit you pictures?

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yes three times, and much more as desired, with every angle.
via open ticket, the ticket where I also got the instructions

The reason I ask…

I have already done this twice

I responded to email from bambu and added photos to email. But when i open the actual ticket the photos and email i sent them shows up in the ticket thread. So they have the info. Its just beyond ridiculous now. I have been easy on bambu giving them leeway due to new company etc etc. But honestly enough is enough. If i knew this would happen i would have just returned the printers. I dread the day i need support for a printer failure. With this kind of support it simply does not make sense to use bambu in a print farm it business suicide.

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After I wrote another ticket, so not just to the open ticket, but opened a new ticket. And made my mood known. I received an email this morning that I’ll have the voucher in 2 days.
What goes on for a long time will eventually come to fruition.

What reason did you use for the new ricket?

I just raised a new ticket as well lets see. Im starting to wonder if bambu has run out of money and going bankrupt LOL. 2 weeks now without a single response thats just plain wrong :confused:

I think that they haven’t expected the growth tht they have had, hopefully they’re looking into getting more staff and better suppliers, otherwise this company is going in the other direction

I got my voucher, but it says invalid discount code when I try to use it. Then then they sent me a text code 6 digits and that didn’t work either so here I am with $120 voucher code that I can’t use not to mention I waited so long for the stupid code, I’m just so frustrated

I was able to redeem my voucher in conjunction with MakerWorld vouchers, so I bought another A1 Combo.

I went to the Web store to purchase filament and use my voucher there… They even have a box for vouchers and coupons, blah blah blah so.

Luciano you got your voucher nice one. I submitted a 2nd ticket like and you simply got an auto reply sorry we are short staff. FFS this is getting old faster than I am lol

I got that too, but 1 day later, my case was processed and I got an email that the voucher code would arrive in 2 days, it was there the next day. Then I ordered another A1 with MakerWorld vouchers. And I’m already using it, so everything went quickly, unfortunately the 19-day wait is simply a no-go.

Still no response from bambu labs even on the 2nd ticket. I need to buy another X1C and 2 X AMS systems. But I wont be doing it until i get my vouchers. Come on bambu labs respond please. How hard is it to send vouchers you promised?

It is so frustrating that a week has passed after sending them the pictures of my installation and they are not sending the promised voucher. They seem to be selling on false promises. What a shame!