After 98 days, still have not seen my heatbed upgrade!

I have been trying to get my heat bed fixed since I first reported to Bambu Labs on February 2nd. They have only sparsely replied but none as of lately.

Is there anyone I can talk to via voice at Bambu? I’m more than happy to return the A1 now. Very frustrated customer because of the poor customer service .

Not to mention I have purchased two A1Cs and a mini, please take care of your customers Bambu!

Maybe you could DM @SirWill. He will probably need your ticket number also.

Good luck getting your problem fixed. :pray:


I initially chose to have the new heat bed but after I saw how hard it was going to be I asked them if I could switch to returning it and they said sure! So, I sent it back a week ago and got my refund and $80 store credit already! I ordered a A1 Mini for a total of $198 which left me $250 ahead! I might get a P series when they drop in price a good bit.


Just getting anyone to answer me has been a big issue.

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Put a message up daily on your ticket until they respond I’ve done it a few times and it seems to make them quicker to respond.

“Is anyone there” is my goto comment

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So, I tried Sir Will but he never answered. Still nothing from Bambu and now it’s over a hundred days.

Are there any other ideas or channels I might try?

Sorry. I dont have any other ideas. But it does suck that it is taking this long. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I ended up opening a completely separate new ticket and creating it with a different subject then the default one for A1 heat bed replacement.

After about 48 hours I got a notice that they dispatched the new heat bed.

I’m thinking that they were so many inquiries and replies on that old subject that they were just never looked at anymore .

But by creating a new subject and then outlying my issue, someone was actually able to read it and deal with it. Anyway, let’s hope that it gets here soon!

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Sounds like a great move on your part. :raised_hands::muscle::clap:


I still dont have my replacement heat bed after being told it was sent out weeks ago. No tracking number and no response to other ticket requests. The printer itself is amazing but the customer service is god awful

It arrived yesterday. Try opening another ticket maybe. Worked for me.

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